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August 29, 2008

What About Palin


Just got off the plane from Denver.  The visual dynamics of this are just fascinating.  First impressions?

(image: Reuters. Dayton, Ohio August 29, 2008)

  • charlie

    nice way to take the camera off old man mccain.

  • yesterday

    mccain’s nervous tic of constantly pulling on his hands.
    that didn’t inspire confidence in his pick.

  • ketura

    My immediate thought was that now McCain has two younger women as arm candy.
    Of course, that was just after McCain announced her, and the first person to show up on camera was the young daughter.

  • chachabowl

    Lucy Ricardo & Fred Mertz

  • bystander

    (1) Is she looking at McCain? Or, the tele-prompter?
    (2) She reminds me of a young Sally Fields; apple cheeks and all.
    (3) Visually, I can imagine that she would appeal to Republican women of an Evangelical stripe. She looks pretty darned wholesome. [snark]Kind of wonder what Cindy thinks.[/snark]
    (4) If it’s even the objective, visually, I’m not sure she will appeal to those women who supported Hillary. She may peel off some who were looking for a reason to avoid voting for Obama under any circumstances independent of Hillary. Those who identified with Hillary on a personal level aren’t likely to be swayed.
    (5) The obvious disparity in their ages, as one can see in this pic, I think will play differently in different demographic groups.

  • david bacon

    Check out McCain’s RIGHT eye in that picture – he looks pretty darn excited aout someone he doesn’t know…

  • Rafael

    First Imperssions:
    Shes purty!
    Wow, that is one hell of a flag lapel pin thingy!
    She is from Alaska?
    Who doesn’t like Polar Bears?
    Sally Fields? They like her, the really, really like her!

  • Cactus

    McC looks like the old dog whose owners have just placed a plush toy in front of him to play with. Cindy must be thinking, ‘that old fart doesn’t smile like that at me!’ She also noticed that he kept trying to take off his wedding ring. Hmmmmm. Good thing she made him sign that pre-nup.
    As to his choice: it wasn’t. I think he truly wanted Lieberman. He was told that was a no-no. The republican talking points were put out for that obscure MN governor. He got cranky with Newsweek when Rove told him he didn’t get to pick his VP but they had a surprise for him. Old men do not like surprises. McC recovered. But I’m sure it was just her stance on drilling for oil in Anwar…………
    Seriously…….are there any PUMA’s? Everyone they put in front of the camera either looks like they could have been in my acting class, or they look like young republicans, like those ten or so that some reporter interviewed a few days ago. Half of them were MEN! Hello? PUMA? Where’s the passion? Where’s the anger? Republicans don’t make very good actors. (What, you don’t believe me? Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Stewart. Ahnold. Bo. Case closed.)
    The 50-something Hillary backers who are supposed to be so disaffected with the Obama people, I’m led to believe are all working women. I just don’t think a former beauty queen is their cup of tea. They worked too long in businesses where the male bosses hired and promoted younger and prettier women with no qualifications. They’re not about to vote for one of them.
    But the important thing is, as always, it will give all those right-wing male talkers something to finally talk about besides Hillary.

  • jonp72

    What I find fascinating is how Palin resembles Tina Fey so much. That may sound trivial, but if Tina Fey is brought back to impersonate her on Saturday Night Live, SNL could end up turning her into a national joke.

  • janinsanfran

    Looks like McCain is leering — “I caught a hot one there…” His taste strikes me as pedestrian, but there is no accounting for taste.
    But more seriously, that is not how you look at someone who is your friend, your peer, someone you trust to take care of the country.

  • John Powers

    Too trivial, but in the fashion editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette derided Michelle Obama for sleeveless dresses. So it’s August I notice Palin is wearing a long sleeved black wool suit. Hillary’s fashion choices were always mocked, such that she could even joke about that in her convention speech. Surely Palin won’t always be dressed in funeral attire. I’m wondering how her fashion sense will play out.

  • desertwind

    McCain looks like he’s fixin’ to cry.

  • mudkitty

    1st impression? She makes McCain look like a the dirty old man that he is.

  • WorldAsUnwill

    McCain’s sporting a really, really sour smile. I think he’s very close to calling her a “c*nt” as he is apparently wont to do because it’s not the VP he wanted.

  • Stella

    I usually like to wait and see what politicians have to say to us, but as a photographic summary of the Republican campaign, my impression is:
    This proves McCain = Bush.
    I’ve seen more than enough of my president wearing that shit-eating grin during photo-ops. Go away Karl, no more please.

  • bystander

    I don’t want to throw a wet blanket over what is, perhaps, a great opportunity for a snark party, but I would caution us all that some of what got directed at Hillary Clinton was genuine misogyny. There are a couple of routes that misogyny can take depending on the age of the woman. Hillary Clinton didn’t deserve some of the vile invective she received because of her gender, and Sarah Palin doesn’t either.

  • donna

    The WTF campaign….
    Also see….

  • Robin Lee

    My wife who is an Obama supporter but simply hates politics was watching this clip and said, “McCain seems very uncomfortable with her. There’s absolutly no chemistry.” I am astonished by the pick. I personally doubt that she will actually survive as the candidate with all the baggage from the obgoing investigation of her “troopergate.” A third tier politician with no national experience is not ready for the white hot media spotlight. Can you imagine the media uproar if Obama had selected someone who wasn’t squeeky clean? I wonder if McCain is a litle too used to getting a free ride from the traditional media and thought they would carry on the tradition with Palin. Of course we have to be careful not to look misogynistic but how is a pro-life, evangelical, creationist going to win over Hillary supporters? Makes you think that to McCain and the GOP women are interchangeable.

  • EF

    I have always enjoyed Regis and Kelly.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    You consider me the young apprentice. . .
    Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis
    Hypnotized by you if I should linger
    Staring at the ring around your finger
    I have only come here seeking knowledge
    Things they would not teach me of in college
    I can see the destiny you sold
    Turned into a shining band of gold
    I’ll be wrapped around your finger
    I’ll be wrapped around your finger
    Mephistopheles is not your name. . .
    I know what you’re up to just the same
    I will listen hard to your tuition
    You will see it come to its fruition
    I’ll be wrapped around your finger
    I’ll be wrapped around your finger
    Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
    Vanish in the air ~ you’ll never find me!
    I will turn your face to alabaster
    When you will find your servant is your master

    Ohhh, you’ll be wrapped around my finger
    You’ll be wrapped around my finger
    You’ll be wrapped around my finger

  • jean
    As I posted up website, this woman has more baggage than luggage. The Alaskans are becoming less and less enchanted with her; corruption, it appears is in the Alaskan watersupply

  • jean

    1Ti 2:11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
    1Ti 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence
    Not a biblist, myself, but the religious right will probably ignore the good Timothy. (Eleven is almost as good as twelve.)

  • black dog barking

    In re: finger, wrapped around —
    Mr D tells a similar story but his hero has no chance of achieving anything but humiliation.

    She wears an Egyptian ring
    That sparkles before she speaks.
    She wears an Egyptian ring
    That sparkles before she speaks.
    She’s a hypnotist collector,
    You are a walking antique.

    Be very very wary of hypnotist collectors.
    (YouTube from Don’t Look Back)

  • stevelaudig

    Dan Quayle in drag.

  • zzyzx

    But can she spell potatoe?

  • jawbone

    Tina Fey may need to return to SNL for the campaign season.

  • onesentence

    Be very afraid because I get the distinct impression that she is what W pretended to be, only much harder working, smarter and hot.

  • mark mccombs

    It may be kind of a stretch, but the flags in front of the podium come pretty close to spelling McCain’s favorite “c” word.

  • mark mccombs

    It may be kind of a stretch, but the flags in front of the podium come pretty close to spelling McCain’s favorite “c” word.

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