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August 27, 2008

The Democratic Flag

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DNC Guest Post by Cara Finnegan, First Efforts

This image led the Yahoo! News Tuesday morning DNC slideshow on Michelle Obama’s speech.

It’s a still version of the cut-away-to-delegates shot that is a staple of television’s coverage of conventions. The candidate mentions Medicare? Show a shot of an elderly woman! The candidate mentions civil rights? Find an African American delegate in the audience!  But this image is different, and I suspect we’ll be seeing many more of its kind this week.

It’s an image of listening, as Illinois delegate Margie Woods focuses on Michelle Obama’s speech. But it’s also an image of watching and perhaps even recognition. You’d like to think that the white man behind Woods recognizes the historical weight of this moment – if not for himself than for the African American woman holding the flag. The flag, visually at least, connects them both.

(image: Brian Snyder/Reuters.  caption: Illinois delegate Margie Woods listens to Michelle Obama addressing the opening session of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, August 25, 2008.)

  • g

    I love the beauty of this woman’s face and expression. Great photo.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    superbly composed image, needs no caption (speaks “a thousand words” standalone, imho). The RED, WHITE & BLUE are essential here (why anyone would go to a political convention ~ characterized as they are by colorful bunting, balloons, costumes and the principal characters, themselves etc. ~ loaded to shoot Schwarze Szene with B&W film remains a mystery to me, fwiw) as these running color bars do indeed “link” on the plane two quite distinct figures while at once we are compelled to compare & contrast the two perspectives and prospects of the old black woman and the old white man ~ within the context of our country’s mythic concepts of “Union” that is both Old Glory and New Hope.
    This is an image which, i daresay could not be found at The Republican National Convention. And for that reason I consider it to be definitive, thus ~ if not THE image, then certainly one that we, here assuming the rôles of “photo analyzers and editors”, would likely choose to characterize “The 2008 Democratic Party Presidential Convention”, sans any pretense of celebrity.

  • yesterday

    sets up this question:
    will the country live up to its own idealism?

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