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August 13, 2008

Swiftboating A Facial Expression


What makes a meme effective — be it verbal, visual or the combination — is repetition.

Does this image adorning Corsi’s poison-pill look familiar?  Or, what about this?


Update 8/14 12 PM: A hat tip to Tony, a BAGnewsNotes reader, for pointing out how the sham-scholarship is telegraphed by the inversion of the title with the author’s name and degree.  (Plus, as far as I know, the “h” in Ph.D. is not capitalized.)

Finally, credit goes to Richard Silverstein (via a post at Metafilter) for noting something I completely missed on first pass.  If you say the title out loud without pause, the man you see in this otherwise-thoughtful pose is an abomination.

Update 2: 8/15 11:35 PM:  Thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake re: the typography.  Yes, the relevance has to do with the employment of capitalization, EVEN ON THE SMALL CAPS, to further “heighten” the stature and professional degree of the man behind this slander.

Book on Obama Hopes to Repeat Anti-Kerry Feat  (NYT)

For a deeper treatment of the MSM’s racial and religious stereotyping of Obama, check out ObamaPhobia, an audio slideshow of my recent presentation at NetrootsNation.

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