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August 27, 2008

Our Man On The Floor: What Hillary Put Her Finger On

Last word on Hillary vs. Barack — a subject that has received far too much attention. (From us included).

Being close enough to the ground yesterday to get it first hand, the Clinton folks and the Obama folks really don’t (and might never) get along that well.  That said, tension beyond the inner circle (as much as the media wants to endlessly game it) is just not that evident here.

It’s hard to say how it carried at home, but what made the Clinton speech so thoroughly electric here last night is that it activated and (finally) integrated two completely different sentiments often contradicting each other throughout the ‘08 Democratic race:  The pride felt by so many women for the historic Clinton candidacy and the intense desire (which I can’t emphasize enough as the fundamental and overriding hunger you feel here in everyone of all colors and stripes) to win.

Once again, I think “Our Man On The Floor” captured it pretty neatly.

(All images © Alan Chin.  Denver. 2008)

  • LongHairSteve

    Would you rather be at Burning Man?

  • Scarabus

    The whole PUMA thing both baffles and depresses me. The vast majority of progressives, almost by definition, want to see both women and persons of color seated at the head table. For personal reasons some might give temporary precedence to one rather than the other. Fair enough.
    But the operative word there is “temporary.” The common good must come first. How could those of *either* leaning prefer to elect a president and party that would turn away *both* from the head table? The obvious aphorisms are too trivial: “Shoot yourself in the foot”? “Cut off your nose to spite your face”?
    Bullshards! Alluding to Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay for The American President, these are serious times. Our nation’s people and its security are in serious jeopardy. Civil comity means fighting hard for one’s goals during debate, but then accepting the prevailing decision once it has been made. That’s what democracy and progressive values are about.

  • Alan

    Two things you should check out that were shown on TV last nite: the look on Michelle Obama’s face when Bill Clinton took the stage; the look on Hillary Clinton’s face when Bill Clinton said “Barack Obama is the man for this job”–or maybe I should just say in general, the looks on everyone’s faces during Bill Clinton’s address.

  • elfpix

    The tragedy of Mrs. Clinton is that she made the trash calculation. She had a good campaign going until she went on the attack.
    It was nice to see the “good” Mrs. Clinton back in place at the convention. I believe Bill simply did not understand that the trash decision was just wrong for the time. I like to imagine that, as Bill was assembling his speech, his wife finally stuck up for herself and told him to get it together and be a grown-up.
    Now we get to see whether Obama’s tenuous, but still hanging on, attempt to conduct a campaign above the fray can also do in the Republicans.
    We will certainly know a lot more about the American populace by the end of this election.
    Are we bullies, or can we be adults?

  • donna

    Oh for the day when neither gender nor race matters one iota.
    Sigh, what a stupid country.

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