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August 9, 2008

Olympic Notes: Beijing On Its Face


Beyond just a face-lift, Beijing has undergone radical surgery, especially poor neighborhoods which have been effectively or even literally walled off.  The NYT ran a classic piece about a week-and-a-half ago titled "Before Guests Arrive, Beijing Hides Some Messes." Check out the article and the slide show.

Photographer Rian Dundon plays on the theme of appearance and the all-critical backdrop with this street-level parkland fantasy.

Rian Dundon website. 

(image: © Rian Dundon. 2007)

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  • black dog barking

    Change the world by repurposing it as a giant movie studio, a collection of false fronts and backdrops designed to fool the camera and by extension those who view the camera’s work product. It ain’t delusion if it’s government backed.
    Each passing day makes the 1985 film Brazil more prophetic. (And its literary parent, Orwell’s 1984.)

  • jean

    This does look for all the world like a theater back drop. Totally fake. There appears to be no depth to the background. Can you do that with a camera? OMG…I just noticed the top of the picture!!! It’s a fence!!!! hahahahahahahaaaaaaa…..crap. Not even reading too well this morning.

  • MS

    Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Tahoe, I’ve seen THREE McCain anti-Obama ads, and NONE for Obama.

  • Cactus

    Well, I wasn’t SEEING too well this morning. I thought The Bag had lost it by publishing a photo where there was an obvious frame glitch (so much for my digital knowledge). Being visually oriented, I kept staring at the photo trying to make sense of it. Then I read The Bag’s comments and realized what was going on. It’s a classic trompe l’oeil. Or, maybe we should call this one trompe populi.
    Well, I think we now know why Bush went to China; for artistic lessons. He’s constructing a wall right now to put across Hiway 45 at the Lafitte/LaCrosse Parkway showing a completely restored and modern city of New New Orleans, with lots of happy white folks.

  • cenoxo

    Pay no attention to that Mao behind the Curtain. It’s all past history, anyway.

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