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August 16, 2008

Obama The Antichrist (Channelled By CNN)


I was watching TV at the gym… as usual, with the sound off … when this outrageous CNN story suddenly appeared on the screen.

It wasn’t just that “Is Obama The Antichrist?” was fronted for most of the 3:29 “report.”  It wasn’t just that the piece kept replaying pieces of Team McCain’s cheap and bizarre The One attack ad.  It wasn’t only the mainstream boost to the fringe fundamentalist paranoia surrounding the ad.

It was that CNN chose to splice-in snippets like the one above from the creepy Antichrist movie, “Left Behind,” the sudden countenance of this African-American guy practically causing me to also scream (over the media’s love for hysteria and fear-mongering).

video/story via Raw Story

(screen shot: CNN)

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