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August 9, 2008

Nightline With The Sound Off



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1b, in its phallic glory, is the shot I’ll remember, capturing the pretend videographer on the trail.  And 1b is the one window we have into the unspun Edwards, that crazy laugh with all the teeth quite a contrast from the ever-serious champion of everyman.  The working title of the video?  Plane Truths.





I wouldn’t bother with this post at all, except I spent a lot of time this past year defending Edwards from what I read as media slander.  (Final case-in-point; a and b.)  True character reveals itself as the contrite Edwards devolves into irritation and annoyance.

  • Victoria

    I’ve only seen an abbreviated version of the Nightline interview, but have read the transcript, and I found a number of the questions – in fact, the general tone – annoying as well. When will we have had enough of irrelevant voyeurism? There were some useful questions to be asked, but Woodward didn’t include them. Under such unnatural and/or invasive questioning, does anyone get to be natural in response?
    I agree that the videos are excruciatingly revealing – as if a held-in self got free. It has me wondering once again how much we ever see of any elected official’s actual self. What is the cost – in energy, effectiveness, in clarity – of so much “required” inauthenticity?

  • black dog barking

    Score one for the Main Stream Media! Bravo! Well played, investigative journalists!!! A man once running for president apparently engaged in consensual extra-marital sex before he ran for president. And you guys didn’t give up until this non-crime was exposed to the world. Geniuses!!!
    Hot tip for your next coup: another man running for president was once seen all over the eastern seaboard cozying up to a blonde babe lobbyist with business in front of his committees. This would be at a time when the candidate’s wife was struggling with medical problems. Sic ‘em!
    Here’s another. A man currently running for president takes up with a woman 17 years his junior, dumps his current wife and family for the new woman who is, get this, the heiress to a beer fortune. When one runs for president the press is duty bound to dig into every salacious rumor that is “out there” and follow them wherever they lead. Happy hunting!!!

  • stevelaudig

    Thought experiment. John “won” the primaries and caucuses etc and now this story breaks.
    I like John. I like his policy positions. I think he had the potential to be a great president [and folks after the disaster named W the country needs at least one and probably two to fully recover.] But John’s newly revealed recklessness is frightening and ultimately disqualifying of course.
    Did he learn nothing from all the dick clowns from Gary Hart to Bill Clinton? Okay take out the “d” word if you must. They remain clowns of particular anatomical part.

  • Johanna

    The boldness of his lying bothers me the most. The challenging, almost menacing tone he took to a reporter in a shot you now see of him over and over (“….Rae Lynn you’ve been covering me all this time and you know I don’t respond to tabloid trash and lies…..”) shows an ease with dishonesty and an ability to turn his own wrongdoing against another. There is no credible charge that McCain (or for that matter Clinton) has fathered a child he is not caring for. This can no longer be said of Edwards. His claim not to be the father is not believable.

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