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July 21, 2008

McCain Pitching In The Bottom Of The 9/11th


While Obama and Karzai were busy bonding yesterday, McCain headed off to Yankee Stadium with Giuliani.  (To stay in the game, McCain has to drive home the point that Obama — bopping around in these threat zones — doesn’t know what he’s doing and is therefore dangerous — especially if something really nasty goes down.)

On one hand, McCain can almost evoke the fear meme just by standing next to Rudy, who — at this point, as Biden so aptly put it — is essentially his own walking 9/11 analogy.  To put more spit on the ball, though, what Team McCain chose to do was set up a photo op in the stadium’s famed Monument Park in front of the 9/11 Monument.  (Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about this pinstripe-free commemorative, I didn’t either.)

Besides leveraging off the patriotic value of America’s pastime, the McCain team tried to score on a mixed metaphor — tying New York Yankee legendary “boys of summer” heroes like Mantle, DiMaggio, Gehrig and Ruth together WITH New York’s 9/11 heroes, WITH the specter of, dare someone say it, of another terrorist attack.

All that said, thumbs up — to the “boy’s only” audience — feels like “bring it on.”

(Photo from AP Photo by Carolyn Kaster. July 20, 2008.  Yankee Stadium)

  • koshembos

    Now we have the war of the warriors over whose war is important. McCain, as a conservative, claims that the old war in Iraq is a must win. Obama, as god knows what, claims that the old new war in Afghanistan is a must win.
    Who said Bush has no legacy? But can we survive 12 years of Bush-like wars?

  • Hedley Lamarr

    How washed out McCain looks! Nearly white pants, a faded blue shirt, his pasty skin, all with a dorky baseball cap.

  • kvenlander

    The guys up there aren’t buying it either, which seems to be propelling the politicos in the pit into frenzied miming and mugging. It’s a zoo!

  • black dog barking

    Nothing says “Expensive Failure” quite like Mayor 9-11, not even the yearly struggles of the Yankees to live up to the high expectations that come tethered to their enormous payroll. I wasn’t aware of the Yankee’s 9/11 Monument and it doesn’t look like the grinning Giuliani and upbeat Sen McCain are aware of it either. Clowning around at a monument to the dead isn’t presidential demeanor, a burden Rudy no longer bears.
    FTFY per the late Mr Gilliard.

  • ratfood

    Probably McCain’s smartest tactical move to date, standing next to the 9/11 memorial to avoid having beer thrown at him, although he’s got the cap, just in case.

  • donna

    Um, why is there a 9/11 Yankee Monument, and why is this at all a good photo op?
    To me it just makes him look small and insignificant. I do like the zoo analogy. Or perhaps a museum piece….

  • masque-in-yellow

    ‘”We, the Jury, do find that the remains come to their death at the hands of a mountain lion, but some of us thinks, all the same, they had fits.”‘ ~Ambrose Bierce: THE DAMNED THING

  • mcc

    McCain also went on Conan this weekend, as far as I can tell doing this at about the same time Obama was leaving the country.

  • Megan

    to the “boy’s only” audience
    Shout out to me?
    It looks like the attention to the politicians attenuates at about 20 yards. That suggests they aren’t putting out a whole lot of charisma.

  • Gasho

    This photo is perfect for summing up McCain. He’s got privileged access, celebrity accompaniment and he’s willing to exploit a national tragedy for personal gain — but the photo shows him standing in a deep hole, totally disconnected and sucking up to a small handful coolpix cameras wielded by unimpressed bystanders. He’s a joke.
    Our two party system, however, ensures that it’s not just the candidates that run against one another but it’s the parties that they represent. So no matter how badly Obama creams McCain in every relevant way the GOP still has a lot of money, venom, fear, loyalty and a big bag of dirty tricks to prop up their totally flawed candidate. The Dems, likewise, have every opportunity to step on their own feet, capitulate at every turn and send out a million mixed messages to drag their man down.
    It ain’t over yet.

  • Susan Donovan

    He was 3 blocks from my house. *shudder*

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