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July 15, 2008

Lieberman Co-Chairs The Disappropriation Committee

Lieberman 2 Chairs

All smugness aside, the photo is completely disingenuous.  Planted between these two chairs, the suggestion in this NYT image is that Lieberman is straddling between the two parties — with the jury out in terms of where he might park.

…Yeah, right.  And that’s probably the Olbermann show on the telly, too!

In spite of the NYT headline “Lieberman Finds Middle a Tricky Path,” there is only one chair when it comes to Lieberman, and it’s not the left one, in spite of any nominal justification to be made.  Even the article bears this out with Lieberman only partially caucusing with the Dems, at least on the day describe, with he and his Democratic colleagues barely able to remain civil.

If you read Greg Sargent’s piece at TPM, however, you’ll see what the Times left out.  Given Lieberman’s promise in ‘06 to support the Democratic nominee, we get another read on the chairs.  Whereas between the two candidates, no question should have existed as to where he stood, Joe instead makes a wedge.

(image: Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times.  2008. Washington)

  • Hariman

    The chairs also imply that the two parties are virtually identical–six of one, a half dozen of the other. Nice try, Joe, but it ain’t so.

  • stevelaudig

    Lieberman is a traitor to both party and country. He has consistently placed Israeli national interests above U.S. national interests [he's delusional enough to conflate and identify the two] so it is unsurprising his partisan disloyalty. He is the worst of the worst of the worst. How the Republicans must be laughing into their sleeves at him. Everyone is in on his disingenuousness. There’s a sort of high schooly desperation to his need to be the center of attention and the scheme he’s come up with to garner it.

  • black dog barking

    The senator’s head looks out-of-proportion big, almost like it was cut’n'pasted onto a smaller body. Thinking about the Connecticut For Lieberman Party standard bearer this seems about right, the swelled head.

  • ratfood

    Whereas between the two candidates, no question should have existed as to where he stood, Joe instead makes a wedge.

    More like a wedgie. Joe is so far up McCain’s behind that there’s barely room for Lindsey Graham.

  • Karen

    thank you Connecticut. I sure wish a state could recall its senator. If that were possible, I think Lieberman would be toast. What an embarrassment for the Democrats…not just because of his defection, but because they’ve had to hold on to him and beg him to hit them again and again. They would be better off booting him and dealing with the ramifications.

  • The BAG

    I’m buzzing around this AM pulling it together for Netroots Nation but, ratfood, that was so choice I nearly fell off my chair.

  • ratfood

    Happy to be of service.

  • LanceThruster

    I see a smug “empty suit” between two empty chairs. No other human being is in the picture except those on the television machine. Sen. Quisling looks as static as the potted plants. The open door on the right looks as if it might be a restroom and Joe’s expression seems to be, “No, the smell doesn’t bother me.”

  • donna

    Senator Palpatine longs for power, but McCain is no Vader…
    Yes, the door to the left is closed. The only way to go is to the right.

  • johninpdx

    Great comments. Technically, in addition to the studied pose of the subject, the photographer had to use a wide-angle lens and an unnaturally low camera angle. Wide angle lens tend to not flatter people, though, giving the appearance of large noses, etc, while anyone who has ever sat for a portrait would question the photographer’s choice of position here. So why the deliberate use of strange body position, lens focal length, etc.?
    To me, the subject’s head and shoulders position communicates he literally is above — at an intellectual level — everything else represented by the objects in the room. His facial expression shows he manages to do so with good humor.
    The photographer has deliberately caused the subject’s head to rest on the heavy frame of the picture. To me, this communicates the solidity of his position, at least intellectually.
    No flag pin, which no political photographer would inadvertently overlook.
    The TV appears to show Salmon Rushdie, with all the overtones of moderate Muslim, etc., of that image.
    Just some observations.

  • tardigrade

    GOOD GRIEF!!!! He looks just like a puppet!!!! His little stick arms and bandy legs don’t fit in his over sized blue suit. MAN! Where di he get that???
    And I say this not just because of his big head…. You could add strings above him at the picture would be perfect!
    “Do-di do-do do… Do-di do-do do…
    I’m impor-tant don’t ya know!
    I’m special donh’t ya know!
    I play da people for da dough an
    I play da tele for da show
    I play everyone po-li-ti-co
    Cause, I;m impor-tant don’t ya know!

  • stevelaudig

    does anyone else see a passing resemblance to Roberto Benigni [sp?] the Italian comic? Does anyone know what the painting or framing is that bobblehead Howdy Doody is blocking? The term “putz” comes immediately to mind upon viewing this tendentious, scold and gasbag.

  • elfpix

    Looks more and more like Howdy Doody every day. Who’s really pulling his strings? I think most of us here have a good idea.
    The real question is: will McCain invite him to run for VP and when McCain loses will CT be rid of Howdy Doody?
    Or will he do like he did the last time and hang on to his seat if they lose?
    Just how short is the man?

  • douglas

    Looks like someone who would try to sell me undercoating.

  • Mike

    I only see 1 corrupt politician.

  • Mad_nVT

    What are those blue blobs growing around his feet?
    They look like jellyfishes, like those “Man of War” that float around and make trouble. Maybe they are baby Man of War spawn from Puppet-of-War Lieberman.
    I think that it would be perfect if he is VP candidate on McCain’s ticket. Hard to make McCain candidacy any absurder than it already is, but Lieberman certainly could do the trick.

  • K

    ratfood, you are my hero.
    What immediately popped into my head when seeing this picture was, “The Elf Who Stole Christmas.”

  • wagonjak

    I would gladly face a trial on assault and battery if I could meet this slimy character in the streets. I would walk up to him and slap him in his jowly quivering cheeks…and let him know what I think of his treachery!
    And if there was one Democrat on the jury, I would be aquited!

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