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July 24, 2008

Fudge Haus


Sein republikanischer Kontrahent John McCain und Senator Lindsey Graham

hatte die Worte Obamas in “Schmidt’s Fudge Haus” in Columbus (Ohio) verfolgt.

(caption courtesy the Berliner Morgenpost with the 66 photo Obama slide show.

Don’t miss the private pool at the Ritz-Carlton fitness studio.)

1.  “Death wish” campaign repeats visual self-immolation trick first unveiled the night of Obama’s nomination clinch.  Even more devastating than the compulsive smiling against the sickly green background, Schmidts photo op points up the bizarre compulsion to frame McCain in the worst possible comparative light.  If the strategy of the day was to emphasize McCain’s ability, evoking a German setting, to successfully engage 199,990 fewer people than Obama captivated in Berlin, the event, topped off by the photo, was a rousing success.

Given all that — and RNC’s decision to run anti-Obama advertisements in Berlin, N.H.; Berlin, Wis.; and Berlin, Pa. — the “Unique Impressions” is spot on.

2.  You gotta love Lindsey’s expression (not to mention the red, white and blue fashion statement).  How do you spell “T – I – T – A – N – I – C ?”

3.  Gaffe-ridden campaign makes the “fudge Haus” fit too.

(image: Carolyn Kaster/AP.  Columbus, Ohio, July 24, 2008)

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