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July 24, 2008

Fudge Haus


Sein republikanischer Kontrahent John McCain und Senator Lindsey Graham

hatte die Worte Obamas in “Schmidt’s Fudge Haus” in Columbus (Ohio) verfolgt.

(caption courtesy the Berliner Morgenpost with the 66 photo Obama slide show.

Don’t miss the private pool at the Ritz-Carlton fitness studio.)

1.  “Death wish” campaign repeats visual self-immolation trick first unveiled the night of Obama’s nomination clinch.  Even more devastating than the compulsive smiling against the sickly green background, Schmidts photo op points up the bizarre compulsion to frame McCain in the worst possible comparative light.  If the strategy of the day was to emphasize McCain’s ability, evoking a German setting, to successfully engage 199,990 fewer people than Obama captivated in Berlin, the event, topped off by the photo, was a rousing success.

Given all that — and RNC’s decision to run anti-Obama advertisements in Berlin, N.H.; Berlin, Wis.; and Berlin, Pa. — the “Unique Impressions” is spot on.

2.  You gotta love Lindsey’s expression (not to mention the red, white and blue fashion statement).  How do you spell “T – I – T – A – N – I – C ?”

3.  Gaffe-ridden campaign makes the “fudge Haus” fit too.

(image: Carolyn Kaster/AP.  Columbus, Ohio, July 24, 2008)

  • Charlie

    The Berliner Morgenpost has some great photos. Looking at 30-38 reminded me (and presumably, the German photographers) of Bush’s incredibly awkward grabbing/molestation of Merkel a couple years ago. In these pictures, in contrast to Bush’s “massage” in 2006, Merkel is smiling, not cringing, her eyes happy and relaxed, not bulging in shock, and her hand motions suggest genuine respect, unlike Bush’s desperate groping. The Obama/Merkel encounter appears fluid and natural in contrast to the rigidness of the Bush encounter (look at her arms!):
    And more on topic, this McCain image seems like a complete joke. I am reminded of my grandmother’s old German nutcrackers she’d put display each Christmas.
    After the appearance above and the George H. W. Bush pictures, it seems like his campaign is purposefully trying to make him look old, quaint, and out of touch, and they’re doing a heckuva job.

  •[email protected]/ DennisQ

    The way things are going for McCain he’ll get sympathy votes from people who don’t really like him but feel he’s a better man than the campaign he’s running. Perhaps the Republicans are already playing that card, calling Obama an empty suit who doesn’t deserve all the acclaim he’s getting.
    Obama hasn’t expended much effort to make McCain look less presidential. His speech in Berlin broke no new ground; instead he talked at some length about how proud he is to be an American. If Republicans are building a campaign around Obama’s mistakes, it’s not working.

  • Marie

    I know the Fudge Haus! Obama goes to Germany, McCain goes to the German Village? I can’t be the only one who finds that amusing. It looks like McCain is trying to say: Look! Look! I can go to foreign places too! Or at least ersatz foreign. Speaking of an empty suit, this looks like an empty action, another instance of McCain reacting to Obama instead of initiating his own actions. “Worst possible comparative light” indeed.

  • truth

    When I first saw this photo I immediately thought of the semi-famous Mitt Romney “Fudge Factory” photo.

  • Cactus

    Speaking of satire……….
    How could anyone satirize this? Has some one been fudging numbers, dates and answers lately? Anyone come to mind??? And the dappled shadowing actually gives McC some color to his pasty pate. And we know from the mic that he is surrounded by a crowd of reporter.

  • ratfood

    The expression on Graham’s face conveys his truly heroic act of self-denial in resisting the siren song of the nearby Sausage Haus, although denial appears to be standard operating procedure for the senator from South Carolina.

  • Terri in Tokyo

    thank you for the Berliner Morgenpost link; those photos look like a whole lotta honest joy to me!

  • Terri in Tokyo

    also: it’s astonishing to see Ms. Merkel looking so natural and happy.

  • mjfgates

    The dappled light coming through the leaves doesn’t so much add color to McCain’s face as make it look like his skin cancer is back.

  • cenoxo

    …to successfully engage 199,990 fewer people than Obama captivated in Berlin.
    If only Obama could bring all 200,000 of those captive Berliners all back to the States to vote. Considering that the election is some 4,000 miles back in the good old USA, I’d wager that 10 local Ohioans are worth a lot more.
    McCain may not be so picturesque, but he’s pictured where the voters are.

  • tina

    It doesn’t matter how sickly green or greyish or white or mottled McCain’s skin is, as long as it is not any shade of brown.
    In 100 years, it really won’t matter, if only because whites will be in a minority in every state in the country. But it still matters now.

  • Kristine Danielson

    As lame as this photo-op may seem to us I can’t help but think it may appeal to an older, working class demographic, after all the biggest relaible voting bloc is 50 and over. It’s identifiable, relatable as a setting unlike standing in front of thousands of enthusiastic foreginers, which is defintiely not relatable. Now don’t get me wrong, I find it to be completely lame and laughable, but you never know who this might appeal to; we can’t assume that everyone sees it negatively.
    Another thing, I just don’t get why MCain needs to have a “partner” at his side most of the time. Why is he continually shown sharing the stage with other repubs–or faux dems like Lieberman– who are basically nothing but reminders that, well, that he seems to need handlers? I’m thinking most recently of the stroll with the Dalai Lama; that looked just excruciating.

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