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July 29, 2008

A Crude Salute


1.  I guess it’s a lot easier to pump offshore drilling while standing in dusty, dry, late-summer Bakersfield, especially the week after a cancelled photo-op on a Gulf rig coincided with a massive, local oil spill.

2.  In the midst of a U.S. occupation of an oil-rich Persian Gulf country (initiated under false pretenses), conservatives obviously don’t get the irony of having their presidential nominee and wife billboarding militarism while standing next to an oil derrick.  Given the worn NAVY hat and the sparkly rhinestone USMC pin (not to mention the stars-and-stripes), I guess the only real question here is whether the Army is feeling left out.

3.  And then, if you check this piece at the NYT, you’ll understand that the only thing this photo is about is … skin cancer. 

(image:  Mary Altaffer/AP.  Red Ribbon Ranch Oil Lease, San Joaquin Facilities Management Inc., July 28, 2008. Bakersfield, Calif)

  • LanceThruster

    I’d bet in that dusty, parched environment that a beer would taste pretty damn good. Having a little eye-candy on your arm would only sweeten the deal. If she was buying to boot, so much the better.
    Top of the world, Ma!

  • sdv

    Where’s McCain’s lapel pin? Why does he hate America?

  • weisseharre


  • gc

    Is the radio equivalent the NPR story that related skin cancer to time in the sun, and McCain of course spent years in heavy sun exposure as a POW in North Vietnam?

  • black dog barking

    I see the candidate and his wife standing exactly in the middle of nowhere promoting a message that is decidedly less interesting than a piece of industrial machinery to the only other humans within a half-day’s walk.
    “That’s Change We Can Believe In”. Grins unconvincingly, flashes two awkward thumbs up.

  • Gasho

    if that rusty piece of sh*t behind him is supposed to be the solution to powering our economy and keeping us in hog heaven with gasoline prices.. well, that’s about as likely as this old man being able to re-energize our nation after 8 years of Bush and his reign of destruction.

  •[email protected]/ DennisQ

    Somebody in the McCain camp is trying to turn John and Cindy into ordinary folks caught up in hard times like the rest of us. It doesn’t work; in fact it makes them look like they’re pandering. What are they doing out in the middle of an oil field in Bakersfield, fergoshsakes? There’s a message to take away, but not if it requires evoking The Grapes of Wrath. If they keep this up, they’ll be a laughing stock.
    Cindy, don’t do Bakersfield. It doesn’t suit you. The people who live there know you run up 500 thousand dollar credit card bills and don’t even think about them. Inheriting a Budweiser distributorship does not make you eligible to pretend you can hang out in honky-tonk bars where they drink it. You will never be Dolly Parton, so give it up.
    And John, get back to basics. You’re going to get a sympathy vote anyhow, so don’t give the folks an excuse to withhold it from you. You can be as down to earth as you can manage, but there is a limit. Respect that, and all kinds of people will throw you a vote, just for straightening out your life after all that was done to you. Don’t screw it up.

  • Clem Guttata

    There’s a dirty, gritty, menacingly low-tech machine separating the middle-age, white, male, hired help physically from the over-seeing owners. What an unappealing dystopian vision of America. A road to Mad Max with daily showers, less diversity, and better makeup. (And, plenty of room, but no place, for most of us.)
    If this is our future, I don’t want to visit it.

  • jean

    They remind me of Gilligans Island…the Howells, I think they were…Thurston and Lovey. Wikipedia describes them as ‘greedy millionaires’. I think that fits the picture. “Here’s a picture of us in front of our oil well…isn’t it adorable?”

  • jtfromBC

    This is not an oil derrick its a pumping station. And those beer belly-ed gentlemen in the background are definitely not roughnecks. I think I’ve seen that navy cap dude somewhere, not so long ago.

  • sab

    As a melanoma survivor, what in hell is he doing out with justthat little baseball cap in the blazing California sun? I thought judgment was supposed to be an issue in this campaign.

  • enaz

    I can’t believe that anyone would be stupid enough to vote for McCain.

  • Geoduck

    Others have commented on McCain continuing to wear baseball hats, even after his skin problems. I imagine it’s all down to image; it’s real easy to look stupid/old in a wide-brimmed hat.

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