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June 30, 2008

Your Turn: "W" Stoned

W Stone

I can’t speak for the film, but the dynamics of this promo are interesting enough.

Bypassing the option of releasing an actual still, we see this morphing of reality and fiction, with “W,” our diminished bad boy, in the amused hands of the physically and creatively imposing Oliver Stone.

I’m interested to see how you interpret this shot as a piece of contemporary political imagery.  What strikes me, though, is how the photo accentuates key Bush character defects (especially, the perpetual adolescence and the thin-skinned nature), helping frame this twilight period in which the former Intimidator-In-Chief has almost fully transitioned into Mr. 23%.

By the way, look what movie critic and blogging newbie Patrick Goldstein does with the photos in this “Big Picture” post, and check out Platon’s priceless portrait of Josh Brolin as Dubya.

Oliver Stone and ‘W.,’ a story of President Bush (LAT)

(image: Sidney Ray Baldwin / Lionsgate)

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