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June 6, 2008

Obama Setting Up The Wood Shed

On first pass, one wishes there was a better view of Obama putting it to Lieberman than that grainy, long-distance version of the Senate’s official feed.  (Though I do love that “We’ll be back in a minute” gesture.)

On second thought, however, Obama must have figured this broad daylight, yet quasi-private action — the march off captured on tape but the actual lecture part, although described in news reports, occurring just beyond camera view — was an effective way to start marking his turf, and laying down who’s in charge.

(For the details, check out Sam Stein’s piece containing the Roll Call report describing the body language, as well as how Obama leveraged Turncoat Joe with the press gallery.)

And the larger implication for summer and fall?  Well, for starters, we might go ahead and ditch those comparisons to Kerry.

Obama Confronts Lieberman On McCain Advocacy, Tone, on Senate Floor (Tapper –

(video: ABC via YouTube)

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