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May 11, 2008

Your Turn: Indiana

Hillary Girls Indy

This was shot about a week ago at a Clinton rally at Indiana Tech.  It makes me think how, over the past four or five months, I’ve tried to remain more or less impartial in the Democratic race, and how I seem to have lost that battle of late.

I guess the children are standing in front of a window?  I like how it splits between inside and outside, pink and green, child and adult, female and male, emotional versus architectural. 

Mostly though, I’m interested in all you see here. 

(Photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times.  May 2008.  Indiana.

  • flyingshark

    Send in the clones? Too bad none of them are old enough to vote.
    Carville said Hillary had the most the “Cojones”. She fathered the most kids?
    How about that veil/forearm across Hillary’s face on the book jacket.

  • Books Alive

    Chcecking earlier this week, to get a hint of what the campaign thinks about the May 6 results, I first noticed the box inviting you to “design the next T-shirt.” Maybe that’s where some of these slogans have come from, for example, the recent on in yellow, proclaiming her the SMART one.
    The fan on the left, clutching two books, makes it seem like a book-signing is taking place. Perhaps Clinton can do that. In some of Obama’s smaller meetings, I’ve heard his aides say to pass the item in – he’ll sign them – and the person can pick it up later.
    Now, an “architectural” shot, to me, is this one from May 9, taken overhead of Hillary at the podium. Other shots of the hall show it to be a grand, magnificent space. And after hearing Sen John Warner complaining at his Virginia testimonial dinner of having no light so he could read his notes, that’s not a problem here.

  • Megalomania

    Here, trying to be balanced I would like to extend a personal thanks to several blogs like bagnews in pointing out these small gaffes even Obama makes all the while being critical of Hillary or McCain.
    But when one looks up the term Gaffe as Chris Mathews defines it as telling the truth when one does not really want to. here, the truth is that every college student should see a very demensional ideal here yet dismisses the total contradiction to the test of a vote. Obama can say what ever he wants and you should just brush it off if he makes a mistake while Hillary or McCain loose their bearings. Something the college crowd is showing me, with that said show another truthiness “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” or can America say with confidance “Don’t trust anyone under thirty” especially with a college degree. For we all know our government is loaded college degree people and loaded with the worst of the best corruption in the recorded histry of man kind.
    perhaps that is the things to come with an Obama Presidency.
    With territorial possessions that is the rest of the world. pretty cool huh. Well Obama is going to come over and let you all know whats coming down.
    But on another note a little off topic, please forgive me.
    Our Media Have Been So Wrong for So Long says it all.
    This is actually a title from Jayne Lyn Stahl, AlterNet that expresses a wonderful opinion about the Mainstream media and the reporting of the War in Iraq. The address is below; it is interesting and makes one very agreeable the media is the key player in America’s problem.
    Jane Lyn Stahl makes the case very well that America has huge deficiencies in what we need to know. Here, it has been driven by a very select group of our American culture for power, greed and control rather than good government. Now, today, it all reeks of bias and corruption, in our face 24X7 with first line Journalist knowing full well, delivering what greedy corporate Media Mongols and hacks want. So, now what needs to be talked about is the Delegate process.
    For those of you out there who are rookies like me following the election process with this Caucus method likely have learned a lot and see how lope sided and dubious the selection process is on the Democratic side.
    Heck for any Republican to be able to just vote for their candidate and walk across the room raise their hand declare themselves an Independent and vote for some Democratic that will likely help their candidate win is an extraordinary loop hole beyond anything I have learned so far. And just now the Media first line Journalist is sort of hinting that could be possible but unlikely. I laugh at that notion that election ballots are not being spiked like speed boats, or swift boating the primary process through an open lake.
    Now what is it for the delegate process? How are these delegates really selected? I have no clued. Do you know? Please tell me. This whole delegate process is perfection in massive deception and total misrepresentation. Here, Mainstream Media know it and first line Journalist work it every day every hour every minute confuse and guide the America public that is the wrong end. The only thing they can’t screw with is the weather, but here, trying wildly to deny anything about climate change all the while reporting death and destruction in weather patterns everyday.
    The whole American election process has been ditched along time ago and is just a lot of grandstanding, buzz, bias, smear, hoopla, and power grabbing. The media is the problem and complicit to the Bush administration. For heavens sake how in the world could any politician or organized “Good” government let a war go to the extreme we are in now. Debit in the trillions, or likely not even know how much America owes the other countries. Thrown into an economy that is choking from a Federal Reserve system that is built for the rich and powerful that has been actually a dysfunctional system built seemingly to help society, however winds up choking society, and worse is actually unconstitutional operating for near a century. All an incredible.
    But, now America has the hoopla, which candidate has how many delegates? All this begs the question where do these delegates come from? Why do we use them? Why did the Democrats develop such a process? Do you really think Mainstream Media wants to talk about it in detail or even bring it up?
    Because Democratic delegates are a process to prevent media corruption. But not working at all.
    Of course, but with the introduction of the Internet things don’t always go the way they used to. Getting back to the core problem, Republicans have been in control of the Democratic process for decades. America then has never had a truly separate Democratic party. Considering Republicans just walk over and vote in a primary any way they want to is preposterous if not out right an exceptional fix on the election. Worse, when a whole portion of the electorate is encouraged to riot from commanders of their party leadership like, Rush Limbaugh decrees that his dot heads should riot at the Democratic Convention is open sedition of the worst kind with little to no over sight.
    Or obvious Delegates in the party to move to private means, such as making deals behind closed doors. Democrats or Republican Delegates are swindling the primary election right now. Right before our eyes. How many Republicans can just raise their hand and just say they are Independents and will pledge a vote for Obama.
    A very spectacular outrage by Mainstream Media Journalist before your eyes. Likely just as the Federal Reserve produces money from no where, America is witness how delegates appear from nowhere. The thing is Obama knows all this and is playing the system he is no better and likely the best of the worst.
    This is a perfect time for Hillary to teach America about the election process. This alone would encourage all the electorate to support her becuase the media wave will be not just simple wave of smear and deceit but huge title waves in constant rant 24X7 crying out that Hillary is destroying the Democratic party, when in all practical sense is solidifying the Democratic party besides showing America the leadership we need in what is good to move forward.

  • Stan B.

    Be careful what you wish for…

  • black dog barking

    Perhaps the most demanding standard to which a society can hold itself: What Would A Young Girl Do? We can only dream of living up to assumptions of the youngsters in this image. It would be a wonderful world if we could.
    I too was agnostic about the Democratic primaries, any of the top five or six appear to be decent choices. In early March HRC was presented with a very difficult decision. Her campaign faced near certain defeat and demanded a different tack. It appears she chose to listen to media advisers and they presented ideas that have been successful in the recent past, if “successful” means winning an election. I don’t think those young girls would have made the same choices.

  • Stanley Evans

    I only hope these young girls won’t become so disappointed in the democratic process that they give up on the idea/dream of a woman president in their life times.

  • margaret

    Flyingshark took the words out of my mouth! “Clones!”

  • cenoxo

    Why pink?
    Do we have to be reminded?

  • the goob

    Not only pink, but blonde. They are backed into a corner. Why? For the picture? The vulnerability of that postition is mitigated by the man outside who looks like he’s manning a barrier.
    #1,2 and 3 seem to express a nice range of engagement within the limits of race, age and gender.
    #1 is rapt, maybe she’s actually looking at H? She’s the most intent but also seems like she might be the hardest to convince. But once convinced it’s conviction.
    #2 is craning a bit to get the same view. She’s open but not convinced.
    #3 has given up and is looking off, distracted. Even though she’s not getting what she came for, she’s well behaved, with her hands clasped in front. Dressed in a dress.
    #4 is older and seems to be looking at the camera.

  • tenacitus

    I have noticed in many of the MSM pictures of Hillary’s supporters they show mainly young white women. I would think that they would want to show a more diverse group of her supporters instead of implying in so many pictures that she is the womens’ candidate.

  • DennisQ

    The picture has a birth theme. There’s a new inevitabiility, which arises out of the past the way conception leads to bringing forth new life.
    The birth theme is reinforced in a couple of ways. The faded colors of the male figure staring over a barrier suggest a past that is gradually disappearing. Girl #1 clutches the Hillary book the way she’d hold a baby. The hand of Girl #2 evokes the hand of a fetus. Girl #3 symbolizes generations who are not yet even conceived. Is there a Girl #4? There might be. The building in the upper right corner, although very weighty and established, has no support – it’s hanging in the air.
    The faces of the girls are hopeful, which is another way of saying that they are expecting. But they are girls, not women. Female power is rising, and a woman president is inevitable. But the time isn’t ripe.

  • Sid

    By the time these girls are my age, the idea of a female president will be perfectly normal and no big deal. We have Hillary to thank for that.

  • Doug

    The triumph of Obama’s “Hope” results in the crushing of theirs…
    What an emotionally laden image. I would feel guilty for not having voted for Hillary in my primary having seen this image. Her campaign should have subtly employed this image in ads in Indiana. They would just have to make sure the girls in the photo aren’t actually secret Obama supporters like the last time her campaign made that mistake.

  • Megan

    I will never get tired of seeing girls and women drawn into politics. I wrote a while back that I didn’t like a McCain shot because women were few and far between and I notice that now. I could gaze on little girls holding books and concentrating on a politician for years before I get sated. It isn’t blind hero worship, either. Those little girls are listening, thinking and evaluating.
    Why the adult turned away in the back? I don’t know. Because these girls are where they’re supposed to be and they don’t need supervision for this?

  • lowly grunt

    We may be looking at a future POTUS in this picture. I hope it doesn’t take that long, though.

  • Donut

    I only hope these young girls won’t become so disappointed in the democratic process that they give up on the idea/dream of a woman president in their life times.
    Posted by: Stanley Evans | May 11, 2008 at 10:17 AM
    Errrr…as the dad of a young girl, the first thing that hit my brain seeing this shot was, “Oh my, sooner than later. Maybe not Hillary Clinton, and likely not this year, but sooner than later.”

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