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May 27, 2008

The Latest Thoroughly Relevant Post From The BAG Archives – #2. (Or, Scotty’s Revenge)


“One of these days he and I are going to be rocking on chairs in Texas, talking about the good old days and his time as press secretary,” the president said. “And I can assure you I will feel the same way then that I feel now, that I can say to Scott, job well done.”

– From: “Top Bush Aide Loses a Post in Overhaul” (NYT . April 19, 2006)

With news that long-time aide and Press Secretary Scott McClellan has used his memoir to rip Bush a new one, this photo now makes complete sense.  It led off a BAG post back on April 21, 2006 — In Which We Can Safely Conclude That “Smug” Is Finally Dead — speculating over the faces of McClellan, Rove and Bartlett as they watched Bush give a horribly obtuse defense of the Iraq war before the City Club in Cleveland.

Although McClellan had resigned two days before, it was done with all the amicability in the world.  Still, The BAG’s conclusion, considering the faces on either end — paired with the lunacy coming out of the Oval Office — was that this is what betrayal looks like.

Ex-Press Aide Writes That Bush Misled U.S. on Iraq (WAPO)

(image: unattributed)

  • black dog barking

    Speak Evil, Whisper Evil, and Babysit Evil.

  • KansasKowboy

    I hope Scotties book is a big flop. He doesn’t deserve to profit from it.

  • croatoan

    Messrs. McLellan and Bartlett are under the recruitment age limit. They should volunteer to put their asses on the line in the war they sold.

  • Neal

    Notice that truth-telling is again reserved for the time when it can be profited from.

  • Pilar

    I guess this is the beginning of a Trilogy: Book one:Scott McClellan
    Book Two:Tony Snow
    Book Three – Dana Perino
    Good reading?

  • bluinky


  • donna

    “Book Three – Dana Perino”
    Silly, parrots can’t write!

  • Celerie

    “Book Three – Dana Perino”
    “Silly, parrots can’t write!”
    That’s a blaphemous slight on an intelligent bird! A Parrot is more engaging than that dim wit w/ room temperature IQ! She, who said during a “press briefing” earlier this year: “I can’t comment on that -because I’m not familiar with the Cuban missile crisis” – Afterall, she was only born in 1970, not 1962. And don’t expect her to comment on Vietnam, the Korean conflict, WWI, WWII or for that matter, anything that transpired way back in 1776. She is only the White House Press secretary where arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy is all that is required for the job. Unfathomable doesn’t even begin to describe this situation – the dumbing of America is the understatement of the century!! God HELP us…

  • swarmofkillermonkeys

    Dana is aware enough to know better, that’s what makes her so evil. I’m not sure Scott knew. I think he actually believed Bush till the near the end when the Plame stuff happened. This picture shows it all:
    Josh: “Wait, did we tell him he could say that? I didn’t clear this – not my fault!”
    Rove: “Oh my! What IS that I smell? Hmm… this spinning will require some effort.”
    Scott: “Once my hero… I so loathe this guy now.”

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