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May 16, 2008

Service Entrance


I see this as is one of the negative consequences of Hillary riding it out till the end.

Hanging this insignia on her is pretty harsh, the juxtaposition — “your shift is up!” — a cruel play on the politician as public servant.  As well, the fact she’s caught unaware this way lends a flat-out paparazzi feeling here.

It’s also the kind of pic that will (cheaply) incite the more hardened partisan.  To the Hill-raiser, it’s a total cheap shot, but to the Obamaniac, she brought it upon herself.

h/t: Chris

(image: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters.  Washington.  May 14, 2008. caption: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton departs from the service entrance after a reception on Capitol Hill.  via YahooNews)

  • catfood

    Fortunately, we’re not all hardened partisans yet. If the sign were cropped off, it would be a fairly sympathetic depiction. Her pensive expression has a certain appeal.

  • black dog barking

    Didn’t we just see her throwin’ back shots in PA? No “Service Entrances” at those places. Everyone goes through the same door.

  • bluinky


  • Megalomania

    From my view, after reading Curtain Time for Barack Obama – Part III
    I am totally convinced there is a huge ton of stuff out there that is deliberately with held and is being timed for political reasons to move the electorate to swing the vote. And, right now it is actually exposing Mainstream Media in a true way. When I say that with a sense of laughter and grittiness as one might discover the real intentions behind the Media Mercenaries of MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. There never was a debate, that’s the funny part of all this stuff.
    If you read and dig deep in Evelyn Pringle’s article above, and think about those Iraqi and Syrian born person’s likely loaded with American tax money funneled from corruption in Iraq, Personal character about Barack Hussein Obama fails every ethical basic, simple, American value system we all can believe. After thinking about all this corruption surrounding Obama with billionaire connections to missing money from Iraq, the basic’s in oversight of Mainstream Media again rear that ugly head to show America that it not always has been ugly out here, it has always been ugly in there, in the back rooms of the Media Mercenaries.
    It is not the back room of closed doors and fat smoking delegates of the Democratic National Convention. America it is the fat cat’s of Mainstream Media playing with our minds. MSNBC goes from the political Fix, to Hardball, to the big number, which should be the Electoral College numbers yet rants on the delegate numbers, then starts up the side show, and then what did you learn with morning Joe, and Dick Gregory with the six headed gate keepers of political sidestepping, the dog show of political misery keeping Hillary in a cage of negative news and despair declared guilt as not electable, yet acquired ten of millions of votes, Abrams declares a verdict to make Media Judgement based on smear open sedition and verbal treachery, then Olbermann pile drives Bush into the ground only this past years after the Democrats gain a small margin in Congress. And, after the GOP can not sell anymore political dog food, Bush is finally recognized as the worst person in the world. Likely this will be the first administration that could go to the gallows. The cry is worse then Water-Gate.
    If Democrats are elected into Office, they will likely answer the call. Those of the Neo-Con party will likely be punished to parish, and finally the real Conservative Party will merge from the abyss. You see America it is not just being a good Democrat, it is being a “Better Conservative” that will Change America.

  • Johanna

    That finger to the mouth gives her a vulnerable, little girl look. But I can’t feel too sorry for her, and am awaiting the torrents of blame that will fall on OTHER PEOPLE for her failure to get the nomination. Already the name of Patty Solis Doyle, a heretofore relatively unknown operative, is being put forth by Clinton surrogates. It was the fault of someone else, always someone else.

  • jmac

    Maybe the service entrance denotes her appeal to the middle class.
    She’s riding it out to the end – and she has the electoral map and populate vote to back her up.

  • Zzyzx

    Johanna: Right on!
    What annoys me most about the Hill, is that when uttering a sentence that could be a double entendre, she always goes for the derisive tone of voice. Can’t take a photo of that, but next time you hear her respond to a question about, oh, say, Obama, listen to the tone and imagine it said more matter of factly, or more up-beat. She does that almost daily. Remember when she was asked if she believed Obama was a Muslim, she could have said, ‘of course not, what a ridiculous question.’ Instead she equivocated and hemmed and hawed and came up with, ‘I have no evidence that he is a Muslim.’ REALLY!! The evidence might be out there, but she just doesn’t have it.
    But I have to say, in this photo, she looks almost human.

  • swarmofkillermonkeys

    Eww. Just…. eww.
    I’m sure this reflects poorly upon me, but my mind instantly went there too. For those that didn’t get the subtle hints above, suffice it to say that the impression I got from the word “service” and her looking down while wiping the corner of her mouth was certainly not “little girl” nor “innocent”. And of course the context of her husband points us in that direction as well. More like “yes, I said I will do ‘anything’ for gain, including debasing my potential to be the next Ted Kennedy of the Senate for more power in hand right now”. Unfortunately, like those other professionals, her greed may leave her with control of neither her future nor her present. In that way, she really does appear to be ’servicing’ the electoral apparatus itself at the expense of society-at-large’s respect.
    Like I said, it probably just reflects upon my juvenile humor and not the character of Senator Clinton, but the implication is definitely in the photo. I will say she does look more human in that light, however, as almost all humans are sexual. That and there really is a sort of honesty in equating politics and prostitution even with the most humble politician.

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