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May 11, 2008

Jenna’s Blessed Wedding


Yes, thanks for the messages about Jenna’s wedding.

The setting sun, combined with GDub on the periphery, combined with the wise (and, perhaps, only) choice of holding the wedding at 28%’s retirement home picks up on the sense that Bush can’t get out of D.C. fast enough.

I also agree, the scale of the cross is very weird.  Does anyone know if it’s now a permanent fixture of the “Prairie Chapel Ranch?”  (If nothing else, it’s surely a visual vestige of the born-again nonsense — and church vs. state blurring — the country has had to put up with for the good part of a decade.)

Anyway, here’s the full White House slide show.  Hope they had a private photographer, also, and the pics weren’t all on the taxpayer’s nickel.

  • cab91

    To answer your question, yes, the 4 foot limestone cross is now a permanent fixture at the “ranch.”
    I disagree with your analysis of this photo and it may be the fact that you singled out the “in-law in wheelchair.” John Hager contracted polio when his older son was inoculated against polio as an infant with the live-virus Sabin vaccine in August 1973, and nearly died. I don’t know why you felt it necessary to include that as part of your analysis.

  • Kris T

    In looking through the slideshow it’s difficult to not simply critisize each photo just based on who the family is. Poor Jenna really does have her Daddy’s face, and what is up with the younger Barbara’s poses? In the above photo, Daddy just looks plain drunk or high on giddy excitement. Thank goodness for the allusion to the setting sun. Perhaps that is what has him high. Soon he can rest easy back at the ranch (on the slab?), and leave all that presidential nonsense behind. The cross is truly large, and I wonder who ultimately decided to place it there? Mrs. G.W.? And ditto regarding who footed the penny!

  • black dog barking

    Because of the unique decisions formed in this President’s gut the United States has more need for wheelchairs than it did before he took office. The presence of a wheelchair in this standard wedding pose along with the cemetery-like monument behind the newly joined families and the sun setting behind them all create an odd backdrop for a wedding party—I can almost hear Taps. If the father of the bride were someone other than GWB I wouldn’t give it another look.
    The marriages of the Nixon daughters and Luci Johnson were big social events. After all, the father of the bride was President of the United States (or President-elect). I’m struck by the low key, the lack of buzz surrounding this occasion. Where are all the important people that get their importance validated by appearing at important social events? Busy, I guess.
    Add silence to the funereal vibes of that wedding portrait.

  • itwasntme

    The fact is, nobody wants to be seen with the Bushes, that’s why it was so low-key. I’m sure they wanted it private, and that’s what they got, because nobody gave a sh*t. Otherwise, you’d see something besides the “official” pictures. I’m sure the people around Crrawford were thrilled, tho, since I noticed in unofficial pictures that somebody had put white wedding veils on some plastic geese on their lawn.
    I like it that Jenna looks happy. Her dress was nice. Just another wedding.
    That cross! I can see Bush now kneeling in front of it, or sitting to the side on that great slab, knowing fer shur that God is with him. Idiot. He’ll probably be buried there. That might be what he was thinking about when he had the “art” designed in the first place, since it’s such an unusual thing to think of for your own property.

  • sdv

    It looks like none of them have ever been in a formal photo before…

  • lowly grunt

    I’ve seen this photo on another blog and even though it is a picture of the Bushes, it isn’t that bad. Jenna looks happy and we really shouldn’t crap on that considering who her father is.
    Poor girl.

  • paulimorph

    La cruz en los pechos,
    Y el diablo en los hechos.

  • forcibleoverthrow

    The evil rolling tobacco scumbag is a nice touch. It diverts attention from Bush with a perfect Bond villain.

  • jc, Las Vegas, NV

    Has anyone asked where Barbara was? I mean, if your twin sister was getting married wouldn’t you be there?

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