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April 1, 2008

Your Turn: Democratic Convention As Knife Fight


The first thing you need to know is that the pair of photos, above, lead off the latest Newsweek column by Karl Rove.  Second, what Karl has already concluded (the man always dirtying, and framing) is that the Dems are destined for a contested convention.  Third, the heavy-handed title of the piece, sitting just under the image, is: How To Win In A Knife Fight.  (Caption below.)

So, is Karl, in all his nastiness, offering us a forced choice between blood in the streets and a shot-gun wedding?

To me, at least, Tipper bears some likeness to Hillary here.  And, the sight of Mayor Daley offers an ominous comparison to ‘68.  But then, maybe the poke at the Obamaniacs and Clintonistas is the prompt that the man who invented the internet does ride in this year on the white horse.

Rove: How to Win in a Knife Fight (Newsweek)

(images: AP; Lucy Nicholson / AFP-Getty Images. caption: Love or Hate?: In 1968 Chicago (left), the Democrats paid a price for dissension; the Al and Tipper Gore kiss in 2000.

  • Stuart

    Carl Rove “offers” advice to Hillary and Obama, jeez. There’s nothing really bellow the radar I come across on the first read so I’m stuck with only the images. Does the Gore/Tipper kiss suggest Hillary and Obama should “kiss and make up?” While many Dems would see that as a “dream ticket” wouldn’t that be just what Rove and co. would like to see? Attack the ticket on both race and gender.
    Of course, “how to win a knife fight” is racially loaded, a typical Rovian dog whistle utility.
    Upon further reflection, the article itself could be seen as painting the picture of an illegitimate Democratic convention, whereas the Republican convention can be portrayed as simply an affirmation of the will of the primary voters.

  • Thirdeye Pushpin

    Do we see a speck of guilt arising from Rove re Election 2000? He projects fondness onto Gore and the image of Daley reminds me of the republican operatives ramrodding the recount – an image of compensation. I think he is enjoying the prospective spectacle of strong arm politics being seen as the territory and inheritance of the dems; while his Lao Tzu like political knowledge accrued from years of such battles is seem as the wisdom of the ages.

  • black dog barking

    Karl’s all about the misdirection. Look where he’s not pointing. What ever happened in Chicago in 1968 it wasn’t nearly the worst thing for the nation, what with the steady stream of body bags from ‘Nam and all that. From a national perspective it wasn’t even the worst political convention that year … by a long ways. Down in Miami the Republican Party nominated (first ballot) running mates that would both be driven from office because of criminal activity, sadly it took five years before the criminals’ deeds started to catch up to them. And the Southern Strategy was hatched with its promise to keep bigotry alive.
    BTW, the knife fight reference takes us to Butch Cassidy and celebrates the value of a timely boot to the groin. Republican strategist Rove is also all about the groin.

  • Megan

    My first impression was: oh look at those grim men -and then -having women in politics now makes it warm and human and in color. Then I wondered why they were making out.

  • Pedrolino

    Karl Rove is the absolute last source I’d go to for insight into the current Democratic campaigns. How could someone work for so long in a White House mired in ideological thinking and still be even slightly in touch with the latest in opposition party politics? The story here is that Rove has a job with a mainstream media outfit. Right now the only position he’s truly qualified to hold is in middle management for some light industrial company in a suburb of Cleveland.

  • Johanna

    You wondered why they were making out???? To prove Al Gore was a real man, of course, an alpha man. It was a staged stunt, the finale to a campaign that had his clothes determined by a woman whose mission was to inject his masculinity into the proceedings at every point. You had to be there, as they say. These same people are sometimes trying to insert Mrs. Clinton’s femininity into the picture. She is referred to as a “girl” by that oaf of a husband of hers. She cries, simpers, tosses her head flirtingly, etc. (watch the famous moment where she said, “I think I’m not bad” and tossed her head saucily.)


    If anything, the “knife-fight” title is probably the only glimpse of Rove’s character anywhere in the Newsweek article. The rest reads as a puff piece. It’s bland, and God forbid almost civil, as if Rove is restraining himself (poorly) from reaching into his bag of knee-jerk brand of political speak and pathologic level of contempt for all who remotely question or obstruct his employers authority.
    A “Knife-fight”- The very idea! Just a bullshit facade of manly ruggedness from a person so doughy and effete, he would probably call a Secret Service detail on a 5 year old wielding a spork.

  • lowly grunt

    I’m not going to read anything written by Karl “Turdblossom” Rove, so just forget it.
    All I wanted to say was, Geez, Louise, you two! Get a room!

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