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April 4, 2008

The Frat Boy He’s Been All Along


It’s a cheap shot in a way, because the larger percentage of NATO newswire pics actually show Junior hanging all over his counterparts, and generally chumming it up.

So, why does this picresonate so much?  (Here’s a variant of the above, by the way, at dependable renegage.)

It’s because Bush, as telegraphed by the years worth of lip-biting, never was never up to a field like this.  What is more illuminating to me about the NATO Summit pics, however, are the many more shots of Dubya letting down his guard — yes, Rove’s ill-fitting dream for you, Pork Rind, is almost over! — exposing the frat-boy he’s been all along.




And then, on the subject

of isolation, there’s this

from the archive.

(h/t Sue, Shepard)  (image 1: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. NATO Summit. Bucharest. April 4, 2008. image 2: Bogdan Cristel/Reuters.  April 3, 2008. image 3: Francois Lenoir/Reuters. April 3, 2008.  via YahooNews)


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