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April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania ‘08


I’ve been harboring this shot for almost a month now.  Having led the Chicago Tribune Election ‘08 photo gallery, it seems to perfectly frame last night’s demographic tale almost perfectly, the candidate fused with the hard hat, the blue collar white male, the hard-scrabble guy (who interjects himself here so his woman with the disposable might bag the trophy).

Was it just me, or did those six weeks — and all the stereotyped images — seem to last forever?

Clinton Outduels Obama in Primary (NYT)

Election 2008 photo gallery (

(image: Charles Dharapak / AP.  March 19, 2008. via caption: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton poses for a photo with miner Jake Hudson of Witcher Creek, W.Va., at a campaign rally in Capital High School in Charleston, W.Va.)

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