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April 11, 2008

Naked Power


I think the story that’s been flying around the echo chamber the last two days really has little to do with whether a naked woman might have actually been reflected in Cheney’s shades.  In my mind, at least, the real story has more to do with all the hoo-ha over it, demonstrating how Cheney’s naked exercise of power over the past seven years tends to be equated with being a stud.

The fact that so many people are also teheeing over the sexual innuendo based on the true reflection — involving the broadly grinning Dick holding his fishing rod — seems like no accident either.  In November of ‘04, the wingnuts at Wizbang made a telling connection between the vicious air campaign unleashed on Baghdad and a news photo supposing to evidence Cheney’s prodigious physical endowment.  They titled their post: “Dick Cheney’s Shock And Awe.”

Is that really a naked woman reflected in Cheney’s sunglasses? (Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

Blow up of original image (

Dick Cheney’s Shock And Awe (Wizbang)

The Outdoors (White House photo essay – Cheney’s fishing trip to Idaho)

(image: David Bohrer/White House. April 2008.

  • black dog barking

    Beauty as reflected from the beholder’s eye. This image has a black box quality, what we extract from this maze of lenses and reflections depends on what we think of Richard Bruce Cheney. I’m not surprised some see the reflection of that rod in his hand as a naked woman beaming into the sportsman’s brain.
    I see a wanker.

  • Ignobilitor

    Wizbang link is incorrect.

  • Talbott

    Someone told me that the bulge under Cheney’s clothes in the “Dick Cheney’s shock and awe” photo was actually a colostomy bag. Kind of a metaphor.

  • Don Coyote

    The “naked woman” was probably being tortured thus his big grin. By the way, after reading about his duck hunts before, I wonder how he cheated on this fishing trip — he probably had a skin diver put the fish directly on the hook…

  • Cactus

    1. What bad news was released Friday that they didn’t want covered in the “liberal” M$M?
    2. There had to be SOMETHING to make Darth smile for the first time in 7 years…….perhaps the woman in question was being tortured?
    3. This almost makes him look human. Well, except for that truly grotesque ear.

  • murfmom

    Fixed the link, thanks. And yes, Cheney’s had a lot to say the past couple days about water torcher and also the Iraqi oil fields.

  • Kris T

    I like your “naked power” supposition, Bag.
    That is the first photo I’ve seen of Dick that doesn’t portray the left-faced snarl such as can be seen here:
    Photoanalysis-wise I’ve been very interested in how both sides of his face are never even, with the left usually down-turned. Ironically, given that it’s a photo only of the left side of his face, this photo actually makes his face appear even.
    And about the naked woman image, all I could think of when I heard the hoo-ha was that the only way any woman in her right mind would appear naked before Dick was if she was being paid bank. Which of course, I wouldn’t dismiss as improbable.

  • hephaistos

    “Clearly the picture shows a hand casting a rod,” grumbled spokeswoman Meagan Mitchell.
    The image is of the vice president’s hand on his fly rod.
    Fly rod, Dick.

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