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April 10, 2008

Keep The Change.



Check out this McCain sequence in a Brooklyn pizza joint yesterday.  A couple weeks after lambasting borrowers as much as lenders for the mortgage meltdown, McCain has supposedly done a 180˚.  (At least, without the details.)  So how did McEconomics redress his charge that those good folks who got played by the finance companies should have known better?

By hitting this pizza counter and refusing change for his dollar.


(4/12 4:15 PM EST.  Sorry, temporarily took this post down to rework the analysis which, frankly, didn’t make a lot of sense.  At this point, I’m taking a pass, but invite you to riff on it further if you wish.)

McCain, in Shift, Seeks U.S. Help for Homeowners (NYT)

(image 1: Mary Altaffer/AP.  image 2: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters. New York. April 10, 2008. via YahooNews)

  • Tom White

    Funny thing is, in the first photograph, McCain could be reaching out to take the dollar from the worker’s hand rather than the other way around…

  • Ed Bott

    Actually, that looks like a $20 bill, not a dollar. That’s one pricey slice!

  • catfood

    It appears that the restaurant employee is the one taking the photo, which could also explain McNasty’s reaction. It is possible someone else was aiming a camera over the employee’s shoulder, however that seems unlikely since the shot is slightly below eye level of the vertically challenged candidate. McCain might be wearing platform shoes. I’m picturing the water-filled variety containing goldfish. Of course, Republicans being the hard-hearted people that they are, the fish would be reduced to skeletons.

  • gasho

    These would be interesting pictures to run next to a story about public campaign financing. McCain was almost broke a few months ago and signed up for public financing, which under laws that he actually had a hand in passing, he would be restricted to spending limits.. he used the public backing to secure a loan for his campaign, but once he got ahead in the Republican race, he’s tried to back out of the deal and disavow the public money, to avoid the caps. This is illegal. By his OWN LAW. Looking at the pictures: He’s reaching pretty hard in the first photo, but **giffaww** wouldn’t think twice about taking change in the second!! This is really an interesting story and if you are not familiar with it, Firedoglake is staying on top of it.. they even have a page where you can co-sign a complaint to the FEC.. check it out.

  • Qualtrough

    I am no McCain supporter, far from it, but I think you are reaching further here than McCain is in the first pic. Palm up and head turned in that situation lets the server know that he wouldn’t even consider taking the change back. Nothing rude about it. This is one of weaker and more petty analyses that I have read here. BTW, how does a ‘psychological response’ differ from a response?

  • Sage

    I’m more interested in the facial expressions of the man to the left of McCain in both photos. He appears patronizing toward the pizza staff. It is as if he is party to the “indulgence” which he observed in the extravagance of McCain’s tip. He is almost self consciously conveying his sense of rank or class. I agree that McCain’s offering of the hand as he looks ahead does not convey rudeness. Instead it says to me what he wants to convey….”think nothing of it…it’s a small thing for a big man like me. It happens all the time”.

  • murfmom

    I’ve always though McSame has weird hands. Strange and misshapen. Clutching, actually. Wonder if their current form is a result of his Vietnam POW experience? His current politics are purely of the “whatever it takes to win this election” form, past positions be damned, ignored, or reversed. What a candidate.

  • jtfromBC

    I’ve often wondered why John McCain is called a war hero. After countless articles I’m still no closer to an answer. Today however I learned about Mai Van On’s bravery, so my interest in the heroic saga of John now seems silly and time wasting.
    ‘In all the tales of wartime courage peppering John McCain’s presidential campaign trail, perhaps the most outstanding example of selfless heroism involves not the candidate but a humble Vietnamese peasant.’

  • Cactus

    Question: Why is he paying someone who is obviously a food server? Or is it just in California that people handling food cannot also be handling money? Of course, it’s a law that is more frequently honored in the forgetting, but one would think that in front of cameras………
    I saw a video clip of him stuffing one of those burritos (?) in his mouth. He eats like an old man who no longer cares for manners, table or otherwise. One hears The W does the same.
    BTW: jt…thanks for the link; once again I made good use of it.

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