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April 25, 2008

Caked With Compassion



Co-opting a tone and itinerary more typical of the Edwards campaign, John McCain’s ‘It’s Time for Action’ tour generated these images Tuesday from a factory in Youngstown.  It’s always fascinating how a candidate, simply through juxtaposition with physical decrepitude, can expect to pile up empathy credits — no matter how suspect their social proposals and record.

Expressing all the compassion in the world — in direct contradiction to his less than commensurate legislative response –  McBenevolent also paid a visit to New Orleans yesterday.


What other sites have taken pains to point out is Mac’s social calendar on August 29, 2005.  As you can tell from the Democracy Now headlines, Hurricane Katrina had made landfall at 4am that morning (Arizona time), a mass evacuation had been ordered the day before, thousands of people had already taken up shelter in the Superdome, and Bush — still two days away from his famous N.O. fly over, was descending the stairs of Air Force One to eat birthday cake and celebrate with John McCain on his turning 69.


I should add, I don’t consider the near-loss of icing as being visual significant in any way.  The growing visual record of McCain — like a yo-yo — embracing Bush one minute, then slamming him the next, of course, is a different story.

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(image 1 & 2: Mary Altaffer/AP.  Youngstown, Ohio. April 22, 2008. via YahooNews. image 3 & 4:  Paul Morse/White House. Aug. 29, 2005. Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.

  • weisseharre


  • black dog barking

    Drawing a sharp contrast to President Bush, McCain said he would have landed his plane “at the nearest Air Force Base and come over personally.”
    For the record, as water from Lake Pontchartrain poured into the Ninth Ward, Sen McCain was getting dressed for his birthday party at the airport, perhaps a little giddy with excitement. A couple of hours later, on the tarmac at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, AZ, the President of the United States would deplane Air Force One for a few moments of birthday bonhomie — just a President and a Senator and a Cake. Smiles all around!! You only turn 69 once!!
    That was Monday morning and the President still had a few days to go on his five week vacation. It would take the President of the United States four full days to actually get close enough to the Ninth Ward that he could congratulate his FEMA head on the disaster recovery effort: “You’re doing a heckuva job Brownie.” A little late, maybe, unlike the Senator’s birthday party.
    Interestingly, August 2005 was not the first time in living memory that New Orleans had suffered devastating hurricane loss while a Texan was president. In September of 1965 Hurricane Betsy rained Cat Three destruction on the lower parts of the city — nicknamed Billion Dollar Betsy for the magnitude of the damage. Less than 24 hours after landfall Lyndon Johnson was personally taking flashlight tours of Ninth Ward emergency shelters to let the victims know they were not forgotten.
    “This is your President!” Johnson announced. “I’m here to help you!”

  • donna

    I tend to think the entire week is a deliberate message to the Republican base – screw womyn, blacks, prisoners, etc. The saying one thing and doing another crazy-making is simply all part of the scam.
    Of course, why the poorer parts of the Republican base don’t wake up to the fact that THEY are the ones being scammed, along with those people they look down on (the womyn, blacks, poor, prisoners, etc…) is a total mystery to me. But, I suppose I misunderestimate the hatred of those white men at the bottom of the pay scale for those that they are convinced (by the elite) took their jobs, when in fact those jobs were outsourced by the elite overseas.
    I really wish I could do an outreach to the angry white male and somenow show them how badly they have been shafted. I suspect, even then, they would deny it.

  • Dean

    But, I suppose I misunderestimate the hatred of those white men at the bottom of the pay scale for those that they are convinced (by the elite) took their jobs, when in fact those jobs were outsourced by the elite overseas.
    And just as important(or even more so) you “misunderestimate” the willful ignorance of those white men and the corporate media designed to keep them that way.
    By the way, John “bomb,bomb” McCain looks to be about 110 years old in that factory pic.

  • Cactus

    Love The Bag’s paper-clip addendum.
    It’s too bad the dems are too busy fighting among themselves to take advantage of this particular, and spectacular, photo op. Both his Katrina fumbling and the audaciousness of the speech in front of the abandoned factory would make two powerful ads. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is watching the store.
    Back in the 70’s, I took some photos at the abandoned factories and plants in Burbank. All the subcontractors to the L-1011 were moving to southern states with right-to-work laws (anti-union). It was spooky. And they don’t come back. Doesn’t McBushhhhh know that? Don’t the former workers know that?

  • Bartleby

    I mean, really. “Action” tour? The entire conservative movement where it relates to the government role in the economy is INACTION. Laissez-faire! Their idea of “action” is to sit back and let the “market” determine everything. Did anybody else not notice this incredible disconnect between political spin and actual ideology?

  • Puka

    Let ‘em eat cake.

  • Alex C-W

    Placing McCain in front of those decrepit structures make them both seem old and crumbling.

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