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April 13, 2008

Black Arts


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Did you happen to notice yesterday’s NYT profile on Charlie Black, McCain’s campaign mastermind?

There’s an ironic, but near-imperceptible element buried in the NYT photo of the man who was Lee Atwater’s mentor, as well as political consultant to Blackwater, foreign dictators, and the like.  If you expand the image above, you might see it.  Otherwise, it’s clearer in the print edition.  I’ve blown up the key element right here.

‘Steady Hand’ for the G.O.P. Guides McCain on a New Path (NYT)

(image: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. 2008. South Carolina.

  • nightbird

    Black arts indeed. Interestingly, and also more perceptible in the print copy, are Lindsey Graham’s eyes and hand. As others in the picture hold court with Black, Graham’s eyes are on the TV screen. Look how tightly he is gripping his water bottle. Perhaps revealing some inner distaste? fear? enthusiasm? for the dirtyness he is and will be participating in for the next 6th months. Maybe he’s just bracing himself.

  • black dog barking

    Gather the brain trust in the conference area of the Straight Talk Express and … watch teevee?

    Gramm: Hey, change it to CNN, they've got a
    freeway chase on.
    McCain: No leave it here. I've heard about this "Dirty Politics" stuff and I think we need to look into it. People say it works and we might want to try it someday.
    Gramm: It does get the message out. Like torture.
    (general laughter)
  • Some Guy

    I like that his hand is overlaid on the screen, near the “dirty politics” caption. Creates a “dirty hands” connotation for me.

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