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March 22, 2008

Pew Trust


The fact this file photo — taken in February ‘07 at the “National Prayer Breakfast” — is circulating again is extraordinarily clever.  The way I read it now (since I posted a variant, with Hillary alone at the time) is as a reminder that Obama is not the only one with a prayerful life to spotlight.

In spite of this,

…and this,

… and, especially, this (note the reference in the last paragraph to the murky group that hosts the National Prayer Breakfast itself)…

it is interesting how Obama could be crucified for his relationship with his pastor while an incurious media simply takes a pass on the spiritual vulnerabilities of Hillary and John.  The other commentary I believe this image nails, by the way, is the current alignment between the Clinton and McCain campaigns in seeking to not-so-divinely drive up Obama’s negatives.

The (Visual) Politics Of Prayer (BNN)

(image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. Washington. February 1, 2007. via YahooNews)

  • Gasho

    This old lady getting into bed with McCain – in terms of strategy and bashing Obama – is like tethering yourself to the Titanic.
    Even having old pictures like this available to the press makes Hillary look like she’ll be soft on McCain and the whole Republican cabal that he now represents.
    What we need is a leader, who can take these bastards to the mat. War, spying, torture, constitutional abuses – these are criminals and we need someone who can stand up and say as much, not someone who’s clapping right along like Hillary and McCain, above.

  • WereBear

    Yes, a lot of people tell me they like HRC because “she’s tough, and we need someone tough to take on the Republicans.”
    They are taken aback when I point out that she’s never yet been tough with THEM.

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