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March 4, 2008

Our Man In Ohio #4: Hillary Pre-Dawn

This is the fourth in a 48 hour series of Ohio primary dispatches from photojournalist and BNN Contributer Alan Chin.

Chin -Chryster-1

It’s just grind-it-out campaigning, perhaps a little easier with the candidate sensing momentum.

The Clinton campaign, keeping its head down and focusing on the growing blue collar concern about the economy, decides late Sunday night to add a visit to the Toledo Chrysler factory, getting the jump at 4:30 the next morning.  Without knowing she was coming, workers at the shift change are clearly taken aback, and flattered.  As Alan comments, “It’s how people react at a surprise birthday party, or when they suddenly see a movie star.  It’s clearly an ‘oh wow’ moment.”

Overall, though — in spite of this shot that conveys a plant tour — the whole event (from first step-off, to first step back on the bus) lasts just 10 minutes.



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In the blur of a photo op, it’s hard to capture much of the feel of the gritty, day-night, florescent life of the workers inside, turning out 800 cars per day.  You get a piece of it, though, in the shot of the goggled man getting down to business while the campaign entourage passes him by, and in this lonely shot of the entrance once the workers are inside.

Oh Waiter, Two Martinis Please… (David Burnett)

(image: ©Alan Chin. Toledo, Ohio. March 3, 2008.  Used by permission)

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