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March 3, 2008

Make Up Sex Meets Identity Politics


In an impressive example of network make-up sex, NBC’s SNL not only provided HRC the opportunity to rebut a parody debate slamming the network for supposedly slandering the candidate in its real-life debate, but then submitted the candidate’s parody self for her review.  Whether or not Hillary has taken an unfair degree of fire throughout this campaign, her organization has been effective in elevating the complaint into a defining theme going into this do-or-die series of primaries.

But what of the visual itself?

It, of course, is a bit of a rush to conceive of the political sphere spliced with the FX world to produce two HRCs.  But the effect is telling also.  Given Hillary’s primary and overarching challenge throughout this presidential campaign to somehow, and ultimately find her (own) voice and message, it is fitting (and not accidental) that Clinton’s campaign might actually finish out on a sympathetic scene in which Hillary, in the role of herself, has to request her earrings back from her own alter-image.

An editorial response from Hillary Clinton (SNL Video)

(image: Dana Edelson/NBC, via Associated Press via NYT “The Caucus.”  March 1, 2008.  The Caucus caption: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on “Saturday Night Live” with her doppelganger, Amy Poehler)

  • MonsieurGonzo

    ref : “elevating the complaint into a defining theme…
    iirc, the very last line of Roth’s “Portnoy’s Complaint” has the psychoanalyst, to whom Portnoy was throughout the book telling his tale, finally speak :
    “ Perhaps now, we can begin. ”

    it is interesting to explore the, or “a complaint” in the legal sense of the word, (Mrs. Clinton being an accomplished lawyer) imho, because this journey leads you to the idea of “making a plea,” with the conceit implicit FRAME being :
    There exists, thus, A Cause For Action = Remedy.
    otoh, Perhaps one defining feature of “how we hear”, and see Obama! is that they express “Remedy” = CHANGE as a particiapatory movement; ie. : “ A Calling For Action.
    iow, IMHO Mrs. Clinton expresses that she needs us only to enable/empower her rightly, to realize Remedy; whereas Mr. Obama suggests that through him, we would enable/empower ourselves.

  • gasho

    Gonzo, dude.. yer brainz are on overdrive.
    I didn’t see the SNL skit, but this image is flattering for Mrs. C. – She’s genuinely smiling, and able to make fun of herself. It’s a real switch from the coverage I’ve seen on the evening news where they show her making speeches with a horribly hoarse voice and desperate tone – saying nothing.

  • The BAG

    Gasho, the link to the video is at the foot of the post. Enjoy!

  • gasho

    Thanks, Bagman, but it’ll have to wait till I’m at home. It’s hard enough pretending that I’m working when I’m writing comments, let alone watching SNL at my desk !!

  • MonsieurGonzo

    (Gonzo BAGs while sitting at his trading desk, short USD:EU carry and long/heavy GOLD ;-)
    YouTube => go baby, go go!

  • sumiyah

    i like hillary clinton too muchh. i am from pakistan

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