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March 12, 2008

Fallon On His Sword (Or, He Was Sitting Right Here!)


Okay, maybe it’s completely serendipitous, but I still had to laugh when I saw this sequence of images of Bush with Admiral Fallon, who was disappeared from his role as head of U.S. Central Command yesterday.  (Such is the fate of anyone personally responsible for canceling Bush/Cheney’s public performance of “Bomb Bomb Iran.”)

The pics take us back to November 2006 at the Officers Club at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu.  In the second shot from the top of the White House photo gallery (above), Dubya is sitting beside Admiral Fallon, then head of the U.S. Pacific Command.  And then, a mere seven shots later, faster than you can chug your orange juice, poof! Admiral Fallon is gone, leaving behind his empty moss green chair.


And yeah, with Bush circulating less these days, we have a nice reminder here of the stage set we endured for almost five years.

Fallon “Retires” (Digby)

The Man Between War and Peace (Fallon tells it like it is – Esquire)

Bush at Hickam (White House photo gallery)

(image 1: White House photo by Eric Draper.  image 2: White House photo by Paul Morse. Nov. 21, 2006.  Hickam Air Force Base. Honolulu, Hawaii)

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