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February 14, 2008

Your Turn: Welcome To New Orleans


People in New Orleans are not just angry but also horribly embarrassed by this Times Picayune photo — featuring Mayor Nagin and the police chief — illustrating a recent city purchase of SWAT and riot equipment.  Compounding the reaction, Nagin used the occasion to welcome the NBA All Star Game to New Orleans this weekend.  I should also mention, the photo was taken on the floor of the Superdome.  The armored vehicle in the background was part of the buy.

Your thoughts, lamentations, weapon tutorials?

N.O. police show off new crime-fighting equipment — (original NOLA story with long comment thread)

Blinded By The Light? – (BNN)

(image: Eliot Kamenitz, The Times-Picayune.  New Orleans.  February 12, 2008.

  • NateTG

    No respect for the guns. The way that they’re handing the guns – apparently laughing and goofing around with them, and pointing them at each other – strongly suggests that these are not people you’d want to have handling firearms. It really gives the impression that the chief of police is a rent-a-cop with compensation issues, and the mayor is a shyster of some variety. Really, this is like some sort of parody of a bad movie.
    I sincerely hope that this is taken out of context, but somehow, I can’t come up with a context where the mayor’s action is appropriate. (I suppose this could have been taken right before the chief of police reacts strongly.)
    The caption “Show off crime fighting equipment” with the two goofs is just icing on the cake. Like bigger guns are going to solve the problems that lead to crime.

  • donna

    Oh good grief. Inexcusable.
    Maybe actually repairing the damage to houses and businesses might be a better plan, Mayor?
    Nagin needs to resign already. Where is NOLA’s outrage?

  • itwasntme

    Most boys love to play with guns. Sorry, but it’s true. No matter what a mother tries to do, a boy will make a pretend gun out of anything and pretned-shoot at everything. Seeing the real thing, big and weighty, must be just too much to resist.
    Didn’t the BAG have a picture a year ago or so with little boys in Iraq playing guns with sticks of wood? You’d think those boys would want to get as far as possible from guns, but, sadly, no.

  • New Orleans News Ladder

    Mayor C. “Baby Ray” Nagin shows the world that he is in fact a true, certifiable, goddamn foolish jerk-off idiot who still has not learned how to hold a rifle even after The Flood.
    Editilla gets the joke. Sooooo it looks like Baby Ray is making those play machine gun sounds too: “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh…I got you, Copper! You dirty raaaat!” Police Chief Riley: “Uuuuh, ha ha…Come on now, Mr. Mayor, that ain’t really funny!”
    What would one bet that The Chocolate Don is making a joke about pay raises to the police chief? Who is the mayor’s tailor? What is this shit? Can someone please THROW A PIE AT THIS DUMBASS?!? Now? Before the day is out? And take that firearm away before he shoots somebody! Jeez Louie!
    We covered this on the Ladder

  • hely

    Yeah, real homeland warriors would be throwing sodapop cans at the packed crowd like the Guard did.

  • Jacques

    WTF? This is the US we’re talking about here. The police state where kids on skateboards are tackled and have their skateboards confiscated by fat beefy short wearing police. Where citizens are tasered by cops for objecting to speeding tickets. This is what the US has been working towards for the last 50 years, we’ve just been watching it with awe. Shock and awe, a little ironically.

  • Tom

    boys will be boys

  • Lt. Bighorn

    You never, EVER point a gun at someone else, unless you intend to shoot them. I don’t care if it’s loaded or unloaded, or even if it’s a plastic toy.
    You NEVER, EVER do that. I thought that was the first rule of gun safety.

  • Kat

    Why is everyone beefing up their policing to the point it’s riot control? is everyone expecting riots? where does the money come from? the Feds? is martial law coming?

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