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February 8, 2008

Your Turn: Floats Like A Butterfly…


Two things spurred me to post this image from the Obama website, a shot I’ve been looking at for some time now.  One was Maureen Dowd’s terrible last column, in which she continues to perpetuate the passive “Obambi” tag.  The second was the possibility that Obama might actually nudge into the recognized front runner position over HRC by Monday, or Wednesday.

I’m interested in your take on this image, including Obama’s pose, the composition, the analogy to Ali, and the significance of Ali lording it over Sonny Liston in their heavyweight rematch in Maine –  the sight of Sunday’s caucus, by the way.

(If you go here, then click on the thumbnail of the fight scene, you’ll get as large a look at the popular fight poster as you need.)

Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston (Wikipedia)

Muhammad Ali (Wikipedia)

Darkness and Light (Dowd)

from: The Vanity Fair Bono Cover Series (
Obama and Ali)

wingnut interpretation of the photo above (Bob McCarty)

Other pics from Obama’s Senate office:
1, 2

(image: unattributed)

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