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February 23, 2008

Bill Richardson, Would-Be King Maker


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I was a little disgusted reading this morning’s article on Bill Richardson, would-be king maker.

After playing the “also ran” throughout the Dem campaign, the Gov of New Mexico now seems to be taking an almost sadistic pleasure in playing Clinton and Obama off each other — especially as each continues to court him for his endorsement in advance of the Hispanic-rich Texas primary.

It’s hard to see how this guy ends up Secretary of anything (like he’s pining for) for spilling, almost verbatim, the contents of phone calls between himself, Hillary, Bill and Barack.

Heightening the tease is the accompanying shot of Bill x 2 during the recent Super Bowl.  If Clinton hasn’t been beaten down enough the past month, he seems to know he’s the couch ornament as the smug Richardson — anchoring the foreground with his new, cute little beard — poses for the camera.

I’m not sure what that blanket really says, but “GOD” wouldn’t surprise me.

No Longer in Race, Richardson Is a Man Pursued (NYT)

(Rebecca Craig/The Santa Fe New Mexican, via Associated Press. Santa Fe.  February 3, 2008.

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