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January 20, 2008

Turn! Turn!

Bush-Lawnmotor With the economy tanking, the photo op has to do with hyping small business tax cuts.  A few takes:

1.  Echoing the “dumb grin” photos from the Middle East, seems like this last year in office is just some kind of joy ride.

2.  Despite obvious signals, still fighting the turns.

3. As usual, at the head of something he has no idea how to operate.

4.  This guy is posing on a lawnmower when, out West, they’re fighting drought, running out of water, and shunning grass as much as possible.

5.  In light of his abandonment of an immigration plan, and vilification of the undocumented, who does he think actually ends up driving these things?

6.  Any info on the carbon footprint?

7.  Looks suspiciously like Giuiliani’s photo op two weeks ago at the Segway plant.  Is there an original idea left in that WH anymore?

(image:  Jason Reed/Reuters.  Frederick, Maryland.  January 18, 2008.  via YahooNews.  caption: U.S. President George W. Bush operates a stand-on lawnmower during his tour of Wright Manufacturing, which makes the machines, in Bush used the visit at a family-owned business to tout his call for tax cuts and incentives for business growth.)

  • Mona

    Dear Bagman, It is all of the above but when I saw it on the news, it was in the segment about Americans being given “surge” money to spend. There was the president going around in circles in what appeared like a large toy! The man is clueless.

  • Jacques

    Notice that the arrow is pointing left, but Shrub appears to be struggling with the idea of turning left. Of course, you can always turn right three times and end up turning left, it’s just a lot less efficient.

  • Old Mayfly

    In his current top article Greg Palast posts another picture of Clueless George festooned with a gold chain given him by the King of Saudi Arabia. (Gold jewelry is considered effeminate in Arab/Muslim cultures.)
    Georgie never gets it.

  • Old Mayfly

    forgot to give link to the Palast article

  • KansasKowboy

    They had to put arrows on the floor to help tell George what a circle is?

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