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January 8, 2008

Our Man In New Hampshire #5: Mill Worker Mission

This is the fifth in a 72-hour series of campaign dispatches from photojournalist and BNN Contributer Alan Chin.  These shots were taken on Sunday (as far as Alan can recapitulate at the moment).


9:47 PST.  Just got the first couple shots in from Alan on John Edwards.

I’m tied up for a few hours this morning and also need to catch Chin on the road before pulling the set together.  He says that Edwards actually has one more event scheduled this afternoon whereas the rest of the candidates are done.

Expect the full Edward dispatch, and possibly a Clinton meeting with her volunteers, by late afternoon.

10 AM. Super Quick Update:  Phone line terrible, but Alan calls to say he’s definitely shooting through tonight.  Says: “But obviously, I can’t be in two places at once.  So, should I do McCain or Obama?”  Answers: “…Obama.”  Click.

(All images courtesy Alan Chin.  Concord, New Hampshire.  January 5, 2007  Used by permission)

  • Lettuce

    Good choice choosing Obama over McCain. If early reports are any indication, turnout has been record for the Dems — Kos is reporting even GOP strongholds are running out of Dem ballots. If it’s to be believed, that means indies are breaking for Obama. Since indies are what keep McCain’s numbers high, this might prove very good news for Mitt (and will widen O’s win, to whatever gain that might be.)
    Anecdotes fill the time well on primary day.

  • martin

    back to work: global style.
    I am so pleased that i never got a personal, seasonal greeting card from Alan Chin. Somehow his messages are so full of the macabre: not so much the mall as the mal-intent. Not meant as any sort of a criticism incidentally. More a shared humanity recognised and one worth thanking for. realism you might also call it.
    Ragged knitwear. Too the fore.
    I hope that our rational exuberance gets fully borne out in the autumn. Meanwhilst, I look at some of these faces and try to wander. What has really gone on over these last few, several years? At home: aswell as abroad. Images as stong as these carry a sense of fear alongside the hope.
    Guardian UK carries a story in its coverage about the phalanx of blanked eyes that follow Obama nowadays: a secure detail that is also picked up in Chins shots below. Meanwhilst, hillary weeps. It would be great to wake up tomorrow and find some of these fears banished. Is this the beginning of a dream or the end of a nightmare? Portent photos

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