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January 4, 2008

Hopefully, New Models Coming For Reaching Out



In the top image, we see 43 treating seven-year-old Malik Lawson like a pet during a recent White House holiday reception. Consistent with the fact that the Bush’s albums-full of portraits with black children typically exclude parents, Malik’s mother, Air Force Sgt. Sherry Martins, was on duty in Iraq at the time.

If you’ve been follow The BAG for the past few years, you know how disgusted I’ve been over the way the Administration visually exploits and patronizes African-Americans.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the Obama Iowa victory has suddenly thrown Bush/Rove’s cynical, supposedly GOP-expanding PR strategy into a much harsher light.

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(image 1: Ron Edmonds/AP.  Dec. 3, 2007.  Washington. via YahooNews. image 2: Jason Reed/Reuters. Amherst, New Hampshire, January 4, 2008. via

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