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January 16, 2008

Hill Force One (Or: The Spense Is Just Killing Me)



You’re now free to get up and move around your old personality?

On first pass, it seems very compelling, refreshing … creative, even, that Hillary would present herself to the media in the role of a flight attendant.  Before getting too enamored, however, I have two words for you: Roy Spence.

Say who?

He’s the advertising genius and long-time Clinton friend who just signed on for a major "branding" role in the campaign.   And his most famous ad client and slogan?   Southwest Airlines: "You’re now free to move about the country."

Before I made the connection, I thought this image (and the AP video — which might as well be a free 30 second commercial) offered an interesting view in terms of Hillary’s new-found autonomy and playfulness.  Maybe the SWAir thing is mainly an inside joke between her and her team, but if you watch the piece, it really bothers me how highly (Mad Ave.) scripted this it — to make Hillary seem like she’s doing improv.

Clinton Welcomes Press To ‘Hill Force One’ (AP video via

Clinton Relies on Soul-Searching Message Guru (ABC)

Clinton Plays Flight Attendant (AP article via Breitbart)

(images: Mark LaGanga/A.P.: Press plane in Las Vegas enroute to a campaign event in Reno, Nevada.  Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008.  via YahooNews)

  • gkoutnik

    This is actually the first TV ad I’ve seen of the campaign (no TV; dial-up at home and YouTube is blocked at work), although I’ve followed the campaign very closely through other media.
    From this unusual perspective, Clinton seems wooden and scripted. The term “improv” would never have occurred to me. It looks like she’s reading the script off the wall facing her (which we can’t see). It’s something that someone else wrote that was moderately funny hours ago before she did a few dozen takes.
    I’m going to stick to print.

  • Jacques

    Um, I need a barf bag.

  • Mona

    maybe if someone had added the barf bag in the script, it would have made it lighter! I agree with Jacques…

  • frances

    ok, lets see if america is an airplane…and the voters are the paying passengers(being taken for a ride)
    if the presidential candidate is playing the role of fight attendant…who is in the pilot seat??
    this smacks of 9/11 and domestic and national security.
    I’ll take one of those barf bags as well.

  • Johanna

    In the pilot’s seat is that finger wagging, pathologically angry blowhard — her husband.

  • Quiet Jim

    Thought the writers were on strike. the text was funny but Hillary doesnt have the acting chops to pull it off. Ended up lame and looking forced and instead of showing her playful side had the opposite effect of showing robo candidate. jokes about the mile high club would have worked for me.

  • Jacques

    I had supported Hillary for the past 8 years as having the potential to become the first American female presnit. But I gotta say, I’m getting nervous after watching how wooden she can be, she sure as hell doesnt’ have what Bill has. I wish it didn’t matter, but Obama’s got it in spades. Even Edwards is better in this regard. of course, none of this matters since I am a Canadian :)
    Good luck to you all, you’re gonna need it, we’re counting on you.

  • Daniel Humphries

    That was excruciating.

  • erick

    go Hillary!! you cowards women skeer you

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