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January 9, 2008

God Bless Israel (And The Holy Land Junket)

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Bush-Does-IsraelIt’s snarky, I know, but I got a good laugh when I first saw this shot of Bush (with Olmert and Peres) on the ground in Israel.  (It’s a WH shot, after all.)

Given the trip is a sad little legacy gesture wrapped around some big time, born-again religious tourism (on the citizen’s dime), I couldn’t help seeing the carpet — especially in contrast to this — as one giant cross.

(image Eric Draper/White House.  Jan. 9, 2008. Tel Aviv.

  • lytom

    Well the cross!
    Emperor certainly did not plan it, so who did?!
    The “tit for tat” is certainly indicating to all the connection US empire has with Israel.
    Now it is only matter of time to find all the moles! Who are the Emperor’s friends and who do they really work for?

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