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December 19, 2007

The "Likeability" Tour


Based on this fascinating pic the NYT features today, either nothing is going right as Team Clinton seeks a re-start, or that’s just the media plot twist.

A few takes:

>Despite the intention to put a warmer, friendlier Hillary front and center, she’s receding.

>Regardless what the campaign says, Bill is starting to call the shots.  (Besides the up-front placement and the pointing directions, Hillary is restricted behind Bill’s gate-like arm.)

>But, is anyone taking those directions?  The pic implies everyone moving different ways.  (For example: the Times article states that Magic … “giving an interview to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ … was a bit off message in noting Mrs. Clinton’s experience rather than what a nice person she was.”)

>In the celeb department, still trying to counter Oprah?  (Reads like: behind, and overly obsessed with Obama.)

>Juxtaposed with the similarly composed shot of Huckabee and his plane on the front page, seems like this has almost a Blackwater feel to it.

After Delay, Clinton Embarks on a Likability Tour (NYT)

(image: Yana Paskova for The New York Times.  Iowa.  December 18, 2007.

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