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December 20, 2007

Swiftboat Watch

Obam-Hand-1  You might be interested in this analysis The BAG contributed to Huffington this AM.  This kind of license just puts me over the edge.

(image: Seth Perlman/Associated Press.  Illinois. 2004.  via

  • arty

    In the Huffington entry, you say of Senator Obama’s record “It is not sad enough the Times had to publicize how Obama voted “present” .0325% of the time in the Illinois legislature.”
    Perhaps, but it’s also sad you couldn’t give the right figure. What you mean is 3.25%. The percentage you mention works out to 1.3 “present” votes. That’s hard to do, even in Illinois politics.
    Granted, “.0325%” looks (and is, by a factor of 100) a lot smaller than “130″ does, a number you never use in your posting, but I guess we’re only using the best-looking numbers.
    A photo caption is also questioned: “From the rather ambiguous caption, however (“Barack Obama leaving the Illinois State Senate in 2004″), what is more likely the case is that Obama is reacting with pride.”
    Caption writers, at least at decent newspapers, are not mind readers. Imagine how people would react to a shot of Bush with one of his trademark fatuous smirks with a caption “President Bush beams with pride as he vetos the entire Medicare budget.”
    That sort of smugness is generally reserved for bloggers.

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