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December 17, 2007

Shot For The Ages


Is this backlash for the outreach strategy?  Don’t know where he got the photo because he never credits, but today’s DR lead is quite a hit job.

Just like we saw a combination of race and gender in Wendy Kozol’s post below, here we see a combination of sexism and ageism.

Drudge also piles on with two links (below, with his headlines), each a visual dig by highlighting “the smile.”

Update 11:30 pm EST: … And look who has a rebuttal, sort of, with his own image analysis. 

New Clinton campaign out to show her likability

I know you’re going to inspect me. You can look inside my mouth if you want’…

(h/t APB + A B)

  • jmac

    The ‘tolls’ on them. She’s strong, she’s not going away, and they’re going to have to live with it.

  • Doctor Jay

    If she’s going to be a successful candidate and president, she’s going to have to deal with this crap. On the other hand, I think she still looks better than Maggie Thatcher, for example.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    give her a helmet, and dangle a Marlboro from her mouth.
    et voila! : “the best war photograph in recent years.
    the face of combat is glorious… on a man (?) or, is it really all in the look, you know ~ that deep stare back, he’s looking right through YOU ~ like, “yeah. i was there. it was tough. but, you know: this is what I do.”
    s/he’s not a hero: s/he’s a survivor; s/he’s a survivor because s/he’s a professional; then, that’s when s/he ‘becomes’ courageous : when s/he looks right back at YOU, when you’re looking at HER, scars and all.
    They shot Hillary’s eyes half-shut. imho, that’s why this image is character assassination of her ~ the gender slur (having a face full of character lines) is an indictment of all women, for (becoming a woman) not remaining enfants naifs.
    the ‘gender insult’ apparent evokes collective sympathy: Hillary becomes WOMAN becomes WOMEN becomes ADULTS : you mock ALL like US, thus, I am (an identity) with her, here.
    otoh, the ‘character insult’ apparent, that the face of Hillary is overcome, not becoming; that she has not the courage to raise her eyes to ours and say: “yeah. i was there. it was tough. but, you know: this is what I do.” When she does / if Hillary ever can can do that, all these would-be paparazzi warriors will pee their pants.

  • Cactus

    Most men, and I venture to say all republican men, see women as no more than a repository for their semen. If a woman doesn’t “turn them on” then they are of no value. How else to explain the great stogie-chomping blob of human excrement known as limbaugh’s brilliant observation that he, HE!, doesn’t want to watch the face of an aging woman. Too bad there are no mirrors in his environment.

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