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December 16, 2007

Gore’s Climate Problems

Gore-Climate How outrageous Gore should be visually called out for harshly pointing fingers in a pic that was widely  published on-line …

… while Bush, the legislation killer, sits beside the fireplace, amidst the pine cones, under George  Washington (for the millionth time)  with this sh*t eating grin on his face (visual link),  while earning notoriety for his ability to deal with nobody, and get  away with it.

Mark Sobel, a long time reader who keeps me up on such things, offered these possible captions:

Uncle Al Wants You.

Still Shrill After All These Years.

Fat Man Wary of Heat Stays Out of Kitchen.

Yes, Antonin, You Have a Question?

There, That Burning Bush.

President Vetoes Second Measure to Expand Children’s Health Program

US Democrats compromise to get support for energy bill

Democrats bow to Bush spending limit Iraq War Funding Imminent,Timeline Absent

Bush threatens to veto anti-torture Bill

(image: Xinhua/AFP Photo.  December 12, 2007 via

  • donna

    Gore is the first of what Strauss and Howe in “generations” refer to as “Gray Champions”. His championship of the Climate Change problem is masterful and he has become its powerful leader.
    His impact on the world in historical terms will far exceed that of Bush.
    Bush will be remembered very negatively by everyone, while Gore gives us a shining example of what we ought to be striving for and moving towards.
    Those who denigrate him for this are those who profit from the current problems and have no wish to resolve them.
    The American media needs to wake up and catch up with the citizens of this country unless they want to continue to be irrelevant and move into further decline.
    Bush is the past — Gore is the future.

  • Asta

    “Bush is the past — Gore is the future.”
    I totally agree with Donna.
    If we can’t persuade Al to run for the Oval Office, then we should all behave like Al Gore and begin the change on our own. It has to begin … NOW.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    You mean we should all be striving to massively profit personally from global warming just like Al Gore?

    Since 2000, according to published reports, the former veep has transformed himself from a public servant with around $1 million in the bank to a sparkling private consultant with a net worth estimated to be north of $100 million.

    I have to admit, that’s way more than Bush got from his oil buddies.

  • error27

    “Only you can prevent global warming” -Grumpy Gore

  • chimproller

    Gore as President? Hasn’t this been tried before? Gores VP pick Lieberman just endorsed McCain! Lets try to get someone with a little better judgment than Gore again.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    Émile Zola : “ J’accuse! ” dans l’affaire Dreyfus, 1898…
    …the greatest newspaper article of all time : The article, by Emile Zola, the great French novelist, appeared in a Paris literary newspaper, L’Aurore (The Dawn) on Thursday, Jan. 13, 1898, “an essential date in the history of journalism,” according to historian Jean-Denis Bredin. Written in the form of an open letter to the President of France, the 4,000 word article, entitled J’Accuse! (I Accuse!), rightly has been judged a “masterpiece” of polemics and a literary achievement “of imperishable beauty.” No other newspaper article has ever provoked such public debate and controversy, or had such an impact on law, justice, and society.

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