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December 28, 2007

Edwards: Breaking Out?

Edwards-Newsweek-Cover  At first, this cover (released December 17th) seemed like Newsweek hedging its Iowa bet.  Recent media chatter has it, however, that the anti-corporate message might be gaining traction (as if it hasn’t had it all along).

With the rolled up shirt sleeves and the loose collar, the pic reinforces Edwards’ everyman/working man message.  The sexual element — with Edwards practically busting out of the layout in the act of either dressing or undressing — doesn’t seem to hurt either.

Above all, though, the tone seems to emphasize the stark and unforgiving dichotomy Edwards draws between America’s haves and have-nots.  Whether or not you find him a believable messenger, the impression is: he has distinguished himself in Iowa by forsaking the center, taking a black-and-white ideological stand, and sticking with it.

The Road Warrior (Newsweek)

(h/t: Martin.  image: PRNewsFoto/Newsweek via YahooNews)

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