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December 22, 2007

AmCon: I Give It Five 9/11’s

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>Perish Bush and the codpiece, no zipper!

>I, Rudy?

> Shirt a bit like NYPD issue.  Fundraising fodder for those firefighter ads?

>Now, that Mitt headline is a classic.

>A slumping Rudy is easy.  Swap in Huckabee in vestments, and then you’ve got something.

Declaring Forever War (Cover Story)

The Other Cover

ABC News: 9/11 Firefighters Plot Anti-Giuliani Ads

(illustration: unattributed. January 14, 2008.

  • jtfromBC

    Its Clark Kent on steroids ! perhaps, but look again, might the illustrator be suggesting that another version of superman is possible ?

  • cmac

    Um. Hitler. Nazi. Genocidal maniac.

  • Asta

    “I, Rudy” suggests intelligence. I think not.
    The artwork far outweighs the words on this mag cover. Rudy the UberMensch. Are they, whoever THEY are, trying to sell us Fascism now? First They sell us the fashion, then the ideology?
    I’m not buying.

  • Cactus

    The first connection I made with the lead, “I, Rudy,” was to the Mike Hammer novel “I, the Jury” by Spillane. the plot of which, interestingly, involves the mob, drugs, prostitution and a psychiatrist. Hmmmmm………
    Other than that, it looks like the conservative ‘establishment’ (?) has decided Rudy is a bit too close to fascism. That uniform, and the pose, are right out of the Goebels handbook. The only thing missing is the cell phone so he can get calls from the little woman.

  • Esoth

    Do you not see Benito Mussolini? And its a too flattering by half picture. Rudy will like it.

  • jtfromBC

    Cactus, thanks for the trip, 1958-61 as a partner in a small second hand bookstore, one chapter of Spillane was enough, sadly I can still rattler off the titles of his first six novels. If Rudy becomes # 1 maybe ‘The Big Kill’ would be appropriate.

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