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November 8, 2007

True Colors


The key to the image is not the congeniality of Senators Feinstein and Schumer just before the two helped greenlight A.G. candidate and waterboard protector Mukasey.  The story of the pic is Feingold’s expression.  Like a mirror, that look reflects the day-in, day-out letdown as “our” Congressional majority (#1, #2) capitulates on terrorism, security, the war, etc.  (Notice, too, Russ has no hand in the matter.)

“So Chuck, I noticed you wore your red tie today.”

“Thanks Diane.  I believe you’ve been showing
your true colors lately, also.”

No Caption Needed has further analysis of this same image.

(h/t Carl)

(image: Doug Mills/The New York Times.  Washington. November 6, 2007)

  • aeiles


  • gabriella

    Cindy Sheehan has it right. Not that she is “the one” but someone has to be the one. Leiberman, Feinstein, Schumer. And from that liberal bastion San Francisco? I really don’t understand. I thought the Republicans were failing and discredited, so the Democrats move forward to fill in the gap?
    Senators more and more appear to be prehistoric in facial form, reptilian, like a Raptor dinosaur lizard. Cold eyes, plastered smile, canned speech, deceptive and deceiving. And that call it representative democracy. Who do those clones represent? Nobody that I know. This is a crazy, mixed-up country.

  • Asta

    While they may not be actually reptilian, I have no doubt the blood runs cold through their veins.

  • Charlie

    Well they are Reptoids after all. Every one of them.
    If San Francisco sends another Bush Rubber-Stamper to Congress I think it should lose its title as a liberal city.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    ref : “The story of the pic is Feingold’s expression.
    you would not believe the shock & anger level here in SFO, Michael; Lieberman, Lantos, Difi, etc., there is now an anti-AIPAC reactionary movement boiling within the NoCal Democratic Party that could, sadly ~ target all jewish intellectuals: in my opinion, the Jewish-American electorate, Right and Left, is being threatened by imminent Dolchstoss.

  • kebmodee

    re MonsieurGonzo’s post, i dont think the anger in SF will target all jewish intellectuals. that said, it’s high time for some prominent liberal jews to step up to the plate and expose these bush lapdog frauds for what they really are. jews are getting a bad name because of the shameless neocon jews as well as the AIPAC dems like emmanuel. so often in recent history, it has been jews in the us and in europe at the forefront of the progressive movements.

  • gasho

    Well, I’m from San Francisco and I’m PISSED. Getting his “ok-on-torture” nominee passed just because he’s threatened a temper tantrim with his “if you don’t pass my guy, then the Justice Department will have no boss!! schtick” is rediculous. He’s actually ruling the country by acting like a 2 year old. The worst part is that DiFi lets herself be controlled by this crap.
    When a small child acts this way, someone has to step in and be the adult. Be centered and grounded, but say “NO”. This behavior can not rule the day.
    DiFi’s reaction is inexcusable. Bush’s nominee clearly won’t prosecute him and his party for committing TORTURE. Torture is now the American way. Torture is on the “ok” side of the line. That’s BULLSH*T. Torture is against the law, American law as well as international law. It’s clearly in defiance of the Geneva Convention and should be punishable as a war crime.
    How can our congress be playing this “meet you halfway” game with these criminals? Compromise is not leadership. DiFi and the rest of the appeasers have basically said – “Even though you’ve committed these crimes against humanity, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and twist the rules and put a sypathetic puppet in the chair to let you off the hook because you made that pouty face, sure.”
    Russ knows the horror that’s being committed. He probably feels like throwing up, like I do.
    Bush’s position is extremely weak. He’s committed the crimes. He’s crossed the line – over and over. He’s got blood on his hands, with cookie crumbs all over his face. He’s been caught in the lie. HE’s holding the bag. He’s guilty as sin. The emperor has no clothes and he’s giving his speeches naked. HE IS NOT IN A POSITION OF POWER, so there is NO reason to capitulate to his every whim you idiots!!!
    It’s time to call it like it is. It’s time to set things straight. It’s time to restore our honor and dignity and CONSTITUTION to it’s proper standing. You’re not going out on a limb to say ENOUGH! The people want their country back. It’s ok to put the lying murderous crook in jail. It’s ok to restore the rule of law and let the war criminals face their day in court. Stop being so god damned timid and soft with these WAR MONGERS.

  • gag rulz!

    “Newt Gingrich is a great thinker who is trying to find a way to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans, and that’s a good thing.” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

  • margaret

    This is Washington, and this is politics. The Feingolds of this world, and few there are, unfortunately, are the voices of those crying in the wilderness of government. The process demands some give and take, and we seem to see nothing but “take.” However, today, the Senate overrode the President’s veto on the Water Bill, so, perhaps, there was a quid pro quo, here….vote for Mukasy, and we Republicans will jump on board to reject the President’s veto of your Military, Welfare, and Water Bill. You think?

  • gag rulz!

    quid pro, status quo…

  • lytom

    Smiling faces…
    They are so sure that the two party system will keep them in, the voters will get fooled one more time, and why not, it seems the system works well. “Democrats and Republicans are different… and therefore, voters can have a pick”…The myth is the democrats are better and so you better vote, because vote counts…
    Well that argument has been used over and over, weakening the possibility of an alternative – an (r)evolution of a strong movement that would fight both elephants and donkeys…
    For now it seems the donkeys have an advantage in voter’s mind…so they fooled us again…

  • Cactus

    CALIFORNIA PDA REPORT from Mimi Kennedy 11.6.07 Action at Feinstein’s office to protest Mukasey vote (EXCERPTS)
    Monday afternoon LA activists from PDA, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, LA Impeachment Center and Iraq Vets Against the War, demonstrated in front of Dianne Feinstein’s office on Santa Monica Blvd. to protest her vote for Mukasey in the Judiciary Committee. Dianne’s office is a glass-and-steel high-rise on the corner of Sepulveda and Santa Monica Blvd., one of the busiest intersections in California.
    …We chanted “No more torture, no more Feinstein!” It was gratifying that the drivers of most public vehicles – sanitation trucks and metro busses – honked for us. Some of us had letters to deliver. The rule is that only six can be admitted to her office at a time without appointment.
    Six of us walked into the glass-walled lobby. The security guard stopped us … we could not just go up; he had to phone the Senator’s office and ask first. Reasonable; he phoned, and was told a staffer would be down to escort us up in ten minutes. Ten minutes went by, no-one came. I called the office upstairs on my cell phone. The number was busy, as it has been since last Friday, when Feinstein’s vote, to pass Mukasey’s nomination to the Senate floor, was announced. Almost everyone I know who has tried to call reports that they either get a busy signal or Dianne’s cheerful taped voice advising us to call back later – at all state offices and in D.C.
    That’s why we were physically at her office on Monday. It was the only way we could let her know, for sure, that her constituents were riled. We waited. The rest of the demonstrators, about twenty – including Col. Ann Wright– came to the glass doors. The security guards began locking the doors. We objected – why were they being locked out of seeing their Senator? ”This is private property,” a guard told me angrily. “Yes, but it’s private property in America,” I noted. “And she’s our Senator and we have redress of grievances.”
    And it’s been impossible to get through to her by phone. So basically, Dianne Feinstein votes the way she wants and is in lockdown from her constituents.
    Trevor Daley finally came downstairs and heard our complaints, one by one, with an admirable show of patience. He said, among other things, “She asked us how many calls we’ve gotten on this. And it’s only been 600 a day. For Alito and Roberts, it was 2000 a day. So she doesn’t feel this is as important to her constituents.”
    Her vote on Mukasey was a big surprise, and constituents had four days to react, two of them a weekend. And, we told Trevor, most people are reporting that they cannot get through on the phone, and there is no message-recording capacity on Dianne’s cheery outgoing “call back later” message. So the 600 phone calls that miraculously got through are only part of the real number. That was it for redress of grievances and being in touch with our U.S. Senator. Her phone service should be updated. It is clearly insufficient to take constituent calls in times of crisis. And maybe she likes it that way.
    There are very few rank-and-file Democrats left who feel happy that Dianne Feinstein is their Senator.

  • gasho

    GO Cactus !!
    Thank you so much for what you did yesterday and posting the comments here.

  • Northern Observer

    Good men can do nothing while the bad burn with passionate intensity?

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