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November 27, 2007

Because The Pictures Are Going By Pretty Fast

… Here’s my latest take at Huffington where I call out The Economist (they more than deserve it for this one) as well as that charade in Annapolis.

… Another freaky smile … and our original pass at it.

… I loved Ward Sutton’s visual analysis of campaign logos and bumper stickers last time and this time.  I especially liked his confusion over the Obama “O,” which I need to think more about myself.

… I liked this shot of Bush and Lott.  These guys never got along — the rule breaker and the parliamentarian.  Anyway, it seems no coincidence Lott quietly bowed out of the Senate in a loaded news week, and just before new rules kick in requiring two years (versus one) before he might roam the hallowed halls again as a gold-plated lobbyist.

… Before I completely forget, I also liked the NYT piece about your brain on politics.  (Romney messes with my amygdala too.)  If some of the analysis here is pretty watered down — maybe that is to dissuade us from considering how much further brother Rove and Company could be getting into our heads.

And a quick note for newsreader subscribers:  I just restored the full-feed, including images.  To make it worth the loss of direct viewers, however, please click on those ads at the bottom of the feed from time-to-time.  Each view sends some well-appreciated nickels this way.

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