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September 20, 2007

Rudy PM


Does anyone still use the word “boffo?”

The Caucus piece conveys the surprise, on the part of the London press, that Gordon Brown would afford Rudy the venue.  What’s with/behind that?  (And then, the visual coordination seems, uhm, “tailored” also.)

Why so smug?

1.  The obvious: No. 10 backdrop conveys aura of elected head of state. 

2.  Going into Tabloid Land and being first (‘08) candidate to do it (at least, with this kind of reception), Hizzoner scores important celebrity points.  (Big bonus as Rudy elevates in media primary.)

3.  “Terror War Express” easier to pimp in light of European/Muslim tensions and UK string of attacks.

4.  Maybe largest impact: Puts Judith in “first lady” light.  Kick off of process to smooth out RG “relationship history/family man” woes?

(image: Harry Hamburg for The New York Times.  London. September 19, 2007.

  • lytom

    Seems like Giuliani is running for president of Israel. Pushing for Israel to be included in the NATO alliance is an example of overbearing position of US to dictate to Europe what to do.
    He is out of place to suggest that “European nations should decide whether that would be in their national interest.”
    The only interest Giuliani has in mind is his own sight for presidency.
    The press mikes seem like ends of tails of bushy animals…showing proper anatomy part to Giuliani’s face.

  • MotherPie

    The little black frock is more of an American thing. Yes, I’m sure they coordinated the outfits. Gordon’s wife would have a funeral suit at the ready to pull on to please the requests for similarity?

  • Aunt Deb

    I think he’s saying “Heh heh heh, my pretty one.”

  • PTate in FR

    The coordination picture is fascinating. The Guiliani’s look like cheap imitation goods–Rudy is a little off balance, crowded by his wife on his right and overshadowed by the Brits on his left. Even his tie is a paler shade of red. His wife looks like a piece of candy pretending to be serious.
    Why do Republican wives, especially the second and third ones, look cheap?

  • charlie

    Stupid comment here, but I every time I see Rudy I think VAMPIRE.

  • Sion Touhig

    I’m puzzled as to why the UK press are surprised. Brown invited Margaret Thatcher to No. 10 a couple of weeks ago (he’s strongly criticised Thatch for decades), and has invited Conservative polititians to act as Gov’t advisers.
    Brown is intent on positioning himself at the centre Right in order to buy extra time before he’s forced to call an election.
    Don’t forget that both Giuliani and Brown are seeking office, because at present, the UK has a Prime Minister that nobody has actually elected. Brown was simply crowned after Blair rose again on the third day and ascended to Heaven.
    The Giuliani invite seems to be an excercise in mutual PR. Brown gets some post 9/11 ‘tough on terror’ gravitas, Giuliani gets the international statesman vibe.
    ‘One hand washes the other’…as they used to say in the Roman Empire.

  • margaret

    Comparing her wedding photo in Vanity Fair and this one, I’d say that life with Rudi has been “inflating,” physically ( and ego, maybe?), but “deflating” for her hair. She was having a really, really bad hair day. English weather will do that, you know….ruins even the most expensive coiffure.
    I can’t believe the seriousness of people thinking he would make a good president. The expressions on their faces is not “gravitas;” it’s opportunism.

  • Chill

    I find it interesting that Rudy was in NYC on 9/11 and in London on 7/7. Seems like terrorists like to follow him around.

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