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September 22, 2007

Nouri Hits Condi With A Ban


Better kick the Anbar take-over into overdrive, because we’re losing Baghdad.  With the Ahmadinejad show heading for town, U.N. festivities got started with a discernible chill between Condi and Maliki.

And then I was wondering, with Iraq making noises about more U.N. involvement, how much has the agency’s low profile been the result of the ‘03 Iraq bombing, the neocons, Oil for Food, or the fact Ban Ki-moon (circle) hasn’t yet figured out how to get on Leno?

PR-wise, I’m keeping an eye out the body language in the expected mid-week Bush-Maliki photo op.

(image: David Karp/AP.  September 22, 2007.  U.N. Headquarters/New York.  Via YahooNews)

  • jtfromBC

    Given the duplicitous relationship between the puppet and the master it must be extremely difficult for Condi to present a non committal face in this meeting rather than a smile, sneer or snarl which the camera so often records. Shes tilted slightly forward suggesting interest where as Maliki looks like he is in another place entirely. Poor Ban Ki-moon he reminds me of Chop Chop a character in ‘Blackhawk’ comics of my childhood who often was presented as a sidekick.
    (Chop-Chop’s old depictions were suggested to be those of a comic-book-within-a-comic-book style format that featured the team’s adventures, with Chop-Chop playing the role of sidekick.)
    The politicos, corporate media and talking heads will have a field day tripping over each other and shouting that (mistranslated) Ahmadinejad quote, “wiping Israel off the map” That sadly is what most Americans will remember, regardless of what happens at the UN.

  • rchsod

    the rose has turned dark and brittle soon it will crumble into dust.
    the real show will be bush -maliki and those photo`s will be worth a thousand words

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