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August 1, 2007

Picturing The Kos


Since I’m headed to Chicago this morning, I’m particularly interest in how the media, and especially, the Times, will be visualizing YK ‘07. 

To start the BAG’s coverage, I offer you this pic from last year.  It was one of the NYT’s two main images of the Vegas extravaganza, the other being this one. By the way, those socks belonged (and maybe still do) to Carl, a BAGreader — who revealed his identity in last year’s thread (linked above).   

Because I’m guessing the convention will be good for two or three days of prime coverage, anyone care to anticipate what we’ll (visually) be fed?  (It’s hard to imagine the Times would repeat — or could get away with –  stereotyping us as a small band of oddballs.  If there is exaggeration to look forward to, however, perhaps we’ll now be scary-large and devouring.)

Because my mission here is to keep experimenting, I’d like to try a BAG-equivalent of blogging the show.  But it’s going to be an intentionally non-comprehensive and mostly right-brained exercise.  Which means, I’d like to go to Chi-town to look, even more than to listen.  I’d like to also watch what the photographers are doing, and see if I can’t capture some of that angle. 

Besides drawing on the customary media images, I might resort a bit to my pedestrian point-and-shoot.  Don’t worry, however, it’s just a field exercise; a break from the words; some summer fun.  Otherwise, the BAG’s visual space remains reserved only for the most practiced eyes.

While on the subject, by the way, I spend the afternoon in Brooklyn yesterday with mainstay BAG contributer Alan Chin.  (Keep watching here for photos and reflection from his last trip to New Orleans.)  It was my next-to-last day in NYC after a month here, as a interstitial stop between Barcelona (my home the previous 10 months) and L.A. 

When I told Alan what I was hatching, he was amused, likely visualizing me elbowing in between the shooters from Reuters and the A.P.  "So you’re joining the goat-fuck?" he asked.  "Just don’t get in anybody’s way."

(Rick Scibelli Jr. for The New York Times.  Las Vegas. August 2006.

  • PTate in FR

    Talking Points Memo has a video of Bill O’Reilly’s assault on the YearlyKos, that “Vicious far-left website…One of the worse examples of hatred that America has to offer…What’s the difference between David Duke and the hate stuff that he puts on his website ..and this? It’s like the Klu Klux Klan, it’s like the Nazi party, there’s no difference…”
    So last year, a small band of loser, weirdo oddballs. This year, I predict the conservative media will use imagery of “hate-filled” weirdo oddball terrorist-sympathizers. Maybe we’ll see photos of far-left cabals plotting together to aid Al Quaeda defeat the US in Iraq.
    It will be very interesting to see how the Presidential candidates morph their messages to this audience as well.

  • D. Olsen

    To me it’s obvious what YK 07 is going to be portrayed as by the MSM – Bill O’Reilly’s more sexy take notwithstanding. Look to the picture above and realize you already know the answer.
    Sci-Fi uberfandom, Comic Book Guys, paunchy, undergroomed, coke bottle glass wearing geeks aplenty. Sad stylistic impairment. Just who in the hell wears black socks with shorts? It’s a retorical question, I gotta friend in IT see…
    The netroots will be portrayed mainly as what it is; Political Nerdom. There’s enough truth in the newscaster’s fiction to not require O’Reilly’s flailing about to be effective in minimalizing the movement.
    Hey I’m on of you guys, I go to these things. I’m keen as keen can be but face the music, people…
    Our kind, we do not yet represent well in public.
    Jeez man! They even picked a hotel with a ghastly carpet as if to further nail down my obvious point.

  • Blake Incarnate

    Who let the nerds out? You let the nerds out. Man, knee length black socks and shorts, Fat 60 your olds sitting in a hotel hallway. Yes, that’s one image. It gets play.
    I do remember Markos keynote address last year though. He blew me away. God! he was on point and articulate. But we’ve lost something since then, some wind is out of the sails. That was the year of all-out support for Ned Lamont and everyone swallowed their pride when we ate Leibermans stiff arm. If would be nice if you could stand back up, dust yourselves off and make something happen. You can’t even get the Gonzoles resignation. Ha, and there is talk of an impeachment. What did Jim Croce say about pissing into the wind?
    Can you guys come up with a better action verb for the photographers scrum? Thank you.

  • Steve

    Can you guys come up with a better action verb for the photographers scrum?
    Yes, as is, it’s offensive to the Scottish.

  • Kitt

    Listen – I know it’s too late now, but someone please tell men NOT to wear black socks with any shoes while wearing shorts. Jesssusss!

  • Carl Manaster

    Y’all will be happy to know that I left the black socks home at this year’s YK – and, naturally, didn’t get my picture in the NYT. My 15 minutes of fame is over. Michael, it was very nice to meet you at the convention.

  • The BAG

    Like I told Carl, I was looking for him — from the knees down. Great to meet him, Hubris Sonic (who has helped take over The News Blog), and many, many others.

  • Kardamena in Kos Expert

    nothing to do with the island of Kos then? Oh well, never mind!

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