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August 27, 2007

Gonzales: What Goes Around Comes Around

(Typically, the crashing-and-burning of any part of the Bush Administration is foreshadowed from the beginning. In honor of today’s resignation of the AG, let’s flip back the picture album thirty months to The BAG’s visual confirmation hearing coverage of February 2, 2005.  This post was originally titled: “The Two Faces of Alberto Gonzales.”)

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Having mentioned Antonio Gonzales yesterday, I thought it was worth talking a closer look.  In doing so, I guess I’m actually going to post this picture.  I’ve been holding on to it for weeks, concerned that if I used it, people would find it cute.

I think it is illuminating, however, in a number of ways.  While it shows a picture of Gonzales’ son making a face behind Senator Leahy’s back, the boy’s striking similarity to his father makes him look like a double.  Given that the senior Gonzales also looks remarkably young, the Gonzales in the foreground might as well be the persona the public isn’t supposed to see.

If you’ve been following Gonzales’ confirmation hearing to become Attorney General, you know the debate over the nomination was postponed from Tuesday to today (Thursday).  The reason for the postponement was to allow the Democrats more time to gather opposition.  The cause is right there in the photograph.  It would have been one thing if Democrats were merely troubled over Gonzales’ view that the President is above the law.  The real dissent, however, stems from the feeling that Gonzales disrespected the Judiciary Committee through evasive answers and repeated refusals to respond.

Gonzales’ response to many written questions was that he had not conducted a search for the requested documents. As Senator Kennedy explained:

“The documents we want may exist, but he’s not going to look for them. There’s nothing more arrogant to say to this body…. It’s an insult not just to the Senate, but to the American people.”

It was also disclosed last week that Gonzales, in response to a direct written question, failed to disclose his role in a legal arrangement allowing then-Governor Bush to avoid disclosing a D.U.I. conviction as part of a jury duty appearance.

The Senator whose question he snubbed is the man Gonzales himself could as easily be standing behind wearing Junior’s expression — the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy.

](image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh in Yahoo News)

  • m godwin

    I’ve been reading BagNews for more than a year now, and I love it, but suddenly (in the last couple of days) I am no longer receiving the images in my Bloglines aggregate. Have you adjusted the settings on your end, or is this an issue to take up with Bloglines? If this is on your end, would you consider putting them back?

  • Geoduck

    To bookend Gonzales’s career, check out the waxworks on display in this photo over at

  • The BAG

    m, yes I did adjust my feed. About 40% of my readership is via rss now. “Giving away” the whole post without logging that traffic to the site is inhibiting my ability to sell ads. Right now, I’m just a “middle size” fish in the progressive sphere, so I’m not getting “the bites” the slightly larger fish with more traffic are. (And, as you can see top right, there’s been a real drought lately.)
    At the most basic level, the more eyeballs, the greater the ad revenue, and the more time I can afford to give to the site. But my interest extends beyond that. Besides the “Our Own Media” fund, the dollars of which go 100% to photo contributers, I’d like nothing better than to ultimately be able to also channel ad revenue to photojournalists, and, ultimately, even writer-contributers. (On my list of projects over the next six to nine months is to secure non-profit status, so the site will be purely structured as not just a home for visual analysis, but also an established source of tangible grassroots underwriting of unfiltered political, documentary and “socio-visual” content.)
    Long unwieldy answer, yes? The point is, unless or until a blog feed can generate even semi-respectable returns, I would ask that — acknowledging that netroot nation-building involves netroot economics — if you really love the site, you support the mission by clicking through. Thanks!

  • Nick Nichols

    Re RSS images and revenue: Wish there were a better way to generate the revenue. A click thru requirement from my RSS reader drastically reduces my ability to pay attention to what The Bag has to say.

  • The BAG

    I appreciate the feedback and would be happy to explore it further if you email me: openbag AT BAGnews DOT com

  • Gahso

    Back to Gonzo…
    I’m in a position where I interview and hire people, and it’s amazing when someone doesnt’ work out and then you go back to the application or interview and it’s obvious that you should have seen the trouble coming. Gonzo got confirmed pulling the same crap that he ends up continuing throughout.
    As for Gonzo, Jr. – how great is it that he’s not only “making a face behind Leahy’s back”, but that it’s an exaggerated pucker, at approximately the height of W’s butt.

  • mdhatter

    Yeah, all that clicking to make sure this place stays open sure is inconvenient.

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