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July 19, 2007

New York, Wednesday Afternoon


It was strange being in New York yesterday, where I’m spending the last month of my sabbatical year.

On a day that started out with a large NYT headline about the government’s failed fight against Al Qaeda, this town bears zero innocence now when it comes to sudden physical insult.  And, although a transformer explosion is radically different from an act of terrorism, the instant and knowing appreciation of the difference is an indicator of how this city has transformed.

Based on my experience of living here years ago, its is hard to imagine the city as capable of losing innocence.  But it has.  Yesterday, listening to strangers in a thoroughly packed subway car exchange news and compare commuting inconveniences of the accident, I realized 9/11 has generally caused people to feel a little more connected, and friendlier.

For certain, yesterday’s event re-exposed residents and workers to the feelings and trauma of 9/11, if in a more somatic way, especially for those in more direct proximity to Midtown’s rock throwing geyser. The kind of reaction expressed by the woman in the glasses, and especially, by the horrible expressions of the couple just behind her, however, are so highly particular to the moment as to be something of a lie.

The significance of this picture is that it denotes a new American (or, at least, Gotham) form.  What you instantly recognize viewing this image — or any of the shots in the unsettling and “reminding” slide show the NYT published of yesterday’s event — is that 9/11 has yielded its own unique visual “genus.”  Among the family:  The people peering pensively or tremulously down the concrete canyon.  The shot from the high rise or helicopter of the creeping plume.  The scattered debris and the litter of Matchbox-like vehicles.  The emergency workers taking a break, now diligently outfitted in protective masks.

But to imagine that the immediate reactions above were any more than that, or that New York hasn’t digested 9/11 and grown from it, and or that the city wasn’t humming again within minutes is to be seduced by the power of a visual, or the mythologizing of a event that powerful interests have since appropriated for their own.

(image: James Estrin/The New York Times.  New York. July 18, 2007.

  • Matt Thatcher

    I think this picture also begs some question regarding generational difference and public memory. The distinction between the manner by which the couple, who appear to be somewhere in the range of 35-45 in age, react in one manner, the young woman, who appears possibly to be in her early to mid 20’s responds in a very different manner.
    From my experience with teaching during both 911 and the Virginia Tech tragedy, I was amazed with the difference by which each event seemed to be digested by my students, with 911 seeming to garner a more unified social conscience than the Va. Tech incident.
    In attempting to understand the different reactions, the one factor that seemed to be most immediately evident was the manner by which information regarding each event was disseminated among my students. With 911, my students gravitated to the community televisions we had on campus. With respect to Va Tech., my students mostly recieved the information over text messaging and discussed the events in online communities.

  • Tab Khan

    I lived here in the late 80’s as a college student and moved back three years ago as an adult, and this city has changed — there’s a palpable bond even between strangers, civility is the norm. 9/11 may have changed America for the worse, but it’s made Manhattan a bit more humble, more human, and a lot friendlier. The fragility of the city, the knowing that this great city could be vaporized or again traumatized never escapes one’s mind, and that cuts lots of ways for different people.

  • lytom

    How do Iraqi respond to sudden explosion in their neighborhood?
    Does this happening bring any more sensitivity or the sense of solidarity of Americans citizens with the pain Iraqi are feeling?
    I doubt it!

  • Dunc

    I think the coverage of the steam geyser reveals another point: just looking like September 11th makes news. The coverage of the steam break gives only tangential focus to the actual event (which in a human sense, has a relatively small impact vs. Japanese nuclear leak, Brazilian plane crash, etc…), and instead focuses on the allusions to Sept. 11th. Visual allegory and fear are news, and I find this telling.

  • Asta

    We are being so seriously set up by the powers that be.

  • PTate in FR

    Your insight that the images of 9/11 have created a new image genus is right on. In addition to the categories you mention–the plume of smoke over city shot, the disaster worker in rubble surrounded by abandoned vehicles shot; the anxious bystander shot–one has to mention the “victim covered in rubble” shot. I think one could find a 9/11 parallel for each of the 10 shots in the NYTimes slide show.
    What I found interesting about the five people witnessing the event is the emotional gradient from the couple at the back to the young woman in front. The couple in back are horrified, simply overcome with distress. (I wonder if they lost a friend or family member on 9/11?) The one with glasses in the middle is concerned and curious, the one in pink is about to tell her friends about something serious but she isn’t particularly concerned, and the young one is alert but neither concerned nor curious. “Yeah,” she might be saying, “ya gotta see this. Whada mess.”
    Being human and hardwired to respond automatically, quickly and unconsciously to threats, the viewer’s emotional reaction to this photo is based on the fearful couple, even though they are evidently overreacting. So we can accuse the editor of chosing a photo whose emotional strength is based on our collective memory of 9/11 rather than representing the reaction to yesterday’s incident. I agree that it is fair to call this a lie.
    I am also struck that of the 10 humans I can count in this picture, six appear to be on the phone or taking photos. That may account for your impression that NYC is a little more connected.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    not there; ie., SELF on the phone to OTHER.
    McLuhan : “When you’re on the air, you have no body”
    “it was like, you know ~ i was watching a movie…”
    the instant replay generation : entirely numb in the immediate; “But, how am i supposed to feel about this?” Later, after GroupThink consensus, history will be writ :-/
    The Headline Was A Question Mark

  • ahpook

    I’m reminded of a passage from Prof Curtis White’s excellent collection of essays “The Spirit of Disobedience” :
    “Our relationship to others is ‘hypermediated’. That’s a philisophical way of saying that there is always something between us that makes human immediacy impossible… This media (literally, that which comes between) isolates us, and at a certain level we believe it protects us from others.”
    Both the picture above and the last one in the slideshow, of three men — two of whom are on their cell phones, one casting a sidelong, vulnerable glance at the other — lay bare this weird telescope-trick distancing brought about by ubiquitous mobile telephony. The couple in the rear touch each other, reassuringly; in contrast, rather than make eye or (god forbid!) bodily contact with a stranger the others stretch out over the airwaves to call the first person in their speed-dial.
    I’m not sure I’m expressing this well, but to me it’s a very odd, almost post-human experience, that the people we feel closest to in times of crisis (or hell, when sipping a coffee or driving a car) are no longer those people in our physical proximity. In fact these folks undergo a kind of aggressive shutting-out in favor of the tinny voice on the other end of the earpiece.

  • Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher, Former US Congressional Condidate to testify against Vice President Richard B Cheney and Karl Rove
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    File name: Election_Manipulation_of_2000_2002_2004.doc
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    Sources close to U.S. intelligence pointed to a $29.6 million check supposedly issued on October 22, 2004, by Laurentian Bank in Montreal, Canada, that was rumored by intelligence circles to have been used to pay for the technicians who developed the software to rig the election. The computer voting machine technicians and maintenance personnel involved with the rigging were reported to have included Russians, Mexicans, and Brazilians.
    find email from Blass
    Possible connection to Blass, Klock and $10,000.
    Journalist information
    Russell Baker (Nation Magazine) has interviewed Sean Lennon on Nov. 12, 2004 and had Sean verbally confirm that there is documentation regarding election fraud.
    FBI Meeting
    Monday November 11th, 2004 late afternoon approx. 5:00 P.M.
    Al Rogers, Jeff Fisher-Agent Jeff Fativa-2nd agent name unknown
    505 Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida
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    Approx. time of meeting two hours
    November 17th, 2004
    Sent fax to Miami FBI office. The fax was a copy of an email stating that Dr. Blass demanding loyalty to obtain information from Sean Lennon. ________________________________________________________________________________
    Hard copy
    Mailed to Omaha full text copy of an email from Paul S. Otellini of Intel. (Paperwork from Sean S. Lennon, [email protected] taken while he went to the bathroom) This is dated from mid 2004 relating to funding for specific development costs of a specialized BIOS in the chip set for randomly placed voting machines to ensure the final vote tally on the North Carolina U.S. Senate Race.
    *Mailed to a plastic surgeon in Manhattan a 1999 full text email from Henry D.G. Wallace to Joseph Klock verifying payment will continue on schedule for recruiting and training costs.
    See ***
    *Mailed to an investigator in London, two1998 full text emails. (Located nearby to the Tube’s Southern Route.) These emails verified payment to Joseph Klock from Alan J. Weber-CitiBank.
    Mr. Weber’s expertise was in technology transactions through the Pacific Rim
    See ***
    **This information is where Bev Harris has to investigate further. I don’t have the resources to undergo the connection between Diebold and Global Election Systems but this where at least some of the financing for the 2000 general election originated from. VoteRemote was mentioned and absentee vote tally.
    Sent original copy to London for safekeeping.
    (I have tried on several occasions to reach the person who has this information)
    The person goes by the name of James Lawrence and he lives in Liverpool. That is whom I sent that information on July 30, 2004.
    This document was a banking record from the Cayman Islands. It had handwritten notes on it linking a team of airplane mechanics who would be used to sabotage Senator Paul Wellstone airplane to insure that he didn’t survive. The initials on the letter were JA –AJ
    I was shocked to see this and realized that the letters possibly stood for John Ashcroft, Attorney General. The note was dated January 2, 2002.
    Further names listed found on Dr. Piotr Blass computer in his home.
    Discovered in August of 2004 while Dr. Blass was teaching at Key College in Dania Beach, Florida over a period of days.
    One email mentioning psychological studies on election tactics that could be used in 2000. This was dated on Dr. Blass’s computer May 1, 2000. It was sent from to Dr Cole [email protected]
    One email sent to Charles Figley [email protected] letting him know that Jeff Fisher has obtained information from Sean to relay to Kerry. Dated: July 27, 2004
    One email sent to Mike Razar [email protected] letting him know that Jeff Fisher has obtained information from Sean to relay to Kerry. Dated: July 28, 2004
    (What I don’t understand is that Mike Razar was giving advice to Piotr on having his son released from Growing Together. I remember overhearing Piotr mentioning to his son, Oscar that Mike had a plan that would involve physical force like Entebbe to free David.)
    One email sent to Adam Michnik [email protected] letting him know that Jeff Fisher has obtained information from Sean and that David would be release soon thanks to negotiations between Joe Klock and Mel Sembler.
    Dated: July 29, 2004
    (I questioned Piotr about Joe Klock and his relationship with Mel Sembler and having David released from Growing Together. Dr. Blass told me he needed ten thousand dollars to get David released and he was contemplating contacting Joe for the needed funds.)
    (Why would a friend of Piotr’s in Poland be concerned about the election information that I obtained from Sean?)
    I understood the reason about seeking help for his son and why he might consider soliciting financial help from friends and colleagues.
    Email received from [email protected] stating deposit for 100,000.00 zù waiting for instructions regarding military applications in the Baltic Region and for the project in North Carolina.
    Cc: Michael Wynne. Dated October 20, 2003.
    One email sent to Jeb Bush stating that the project at Bay Point was going well and testing was almost complete. Dated March 1, 2000.
    Two emails sent to Katherine Harris requesting information on State Representative Tom Feeney and hired consultant Clint Curtis.
    Dated September 20th and October 10th 2000.
    One email sent to Theresa Lepore informing her that her design was approved and tested at Bay Point for one purpose. To test and analyze the psychological distress among the elderly, especially the Jewish population in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton regarding the placement of punch holes on the ballot referring to Patrick Buchannon. October 20, 2000
    E-mail sent to Sean Lennon asking if coding for Cibola, McKinley County and Socorro County were in place. Dated July 1, 2004
    The following signature was on this email.
    (F3 tav)2
    (3.14E+00 /r2) Bay studies verified at Key. Encryption 100%
    Two emails sent to Mel Sembler.
    First email was from March 2000 stating he needed more funds toward the creation of a new program.
    The second was from June of 2002 stating that testing was finalized in Louisiana and Georgia for the upcoming Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in September. The methodology was to create vote swapping between Daryl Jones and Janet Reno. This was to take place so Bill McBride would be the Democratic candidate facing Governor Jeb Bush.
    Three emails sent to [email protected] from Dr. Piotr Blass and cc: Dr. Cole
    The first email stating that all was forgiven and five stars were providing assistance for Theresa for upcoming primary. Dated June 1, 2004
    The second email stated that a transfer of £200, 000.00 would transfer from the United Emirates to a bank in New Zealand designated for Palm Beach, Butte, Campbell and Codington Counties for November 2nd 2004 U.S . Senate Races. Dated July 26, 2004.
    The third email stated that a transfer of £250,000.00 would transfer from the United Emirates to a bank in New Zealand designated for Cuyahoga, Warren, Butte, Campbell and Codington Counties for November 2nd 2004 Presidential Race. Dated July 31, 2004.
    Meeting with Sean Lennon
    July 27, 2004
    Location: Public Library, (Town)
    2nd floor
    Internet access
    Sean directs me to his web-site plus two others that are under construction.
    In the published web site, ( he shows me a backdoor entrance that he password protected. In side the site he had a link to the other two sites where he had stored some information.
    He then told me about how Bay Point School was training some of the kids in computerized programming that he was in charge of. Sean also told me that that these kids and prior ones were also being trained by a former instructor and another one before that one. That this specific training and testing dates as far back as 1996, Sean informed me. He wouldn’t tell me anymore on this. Sean then elaborated that Joseph Klock was sexually abusing the kids and that this training was their only way out of being abused.
    I remember asking Sean why was he being so secretive about this since I was working so hard to get Piotr’s son out of Growing Together in Lake Worth, Florida. He said that it was related through the Straight program. Sean then went on to tell me that the kids were writing election software that would change the outcome of the 2000 Florida General Election Results to ensure that the Republican ticket were to win the Presidential race. He told me that the way they were going to do it was by using the names of Felons whose names were purged and not purged to cast votes electronically in several counties without their knowledge. The coding of software would create under and over voting leaning toward a specific candidate that would appear unpremeditated to the average voting inspector who might try to establish an audit trail. He told me the names of a few counties where it would take place, Miami-Dade, Broward, Polk and Volusia. He said that they were going to use ten counties to manipulate the vote.
    He then proceeded to open one folder (labeled BPS) inside the directory to reveal several sub folders, which he informed me, had incriminating files regarding Bay Point School and election tampering from 1996 to 2004.
    These folders were listed as 1996, 1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004. He opened 1999, 2000, 2001,2002 and 2004, one at a time over the next two plus hours.
    Inside he had scanned e-mails and Intranet communications at Bay Point School that he had intercepted though the present system. Sean then on his own decided to look through archived hard drives because he felt he was being used as the fall guy. This is when he told me that as an ex marine he had faced fear but he learned that someone who worked with him that had been missing was actually murdered. He told me he went to Dr. Blass with this information back in 2003. He told me that Blass said to remain quiet until he found a reliable and trustworthy person who could pass the information onto the proper authorities.
    1999- shown scanned e-mails from Joseph Klock and Katherine Harris, Joseph Klock and Mel Sembler, Joseph Klock and State Representative Tom Feeney regarding the progress of Clinton Curtis, Joseph Klock and Theresa Lepore and Joseph Klock and Governor Jeb Bush.
    Katherine Harris-This folder he showed me one e-mail. There were at least dozen more that he wouldn’t open. His reason was that I had to get this much information to Kerry as soon as possible. I needed to prove my loyalty to protecting him as well as Dr. Blass. The email consisted of maintaining communications for finances between Joseph Klock, her and Mel Sembler.
    Mel Sembler-Two emails opened. Ten more that he wouldn’t open. The first email stated that Mel Sembler would continue funding along with other individuals from New York, California, Texas, Ohio and overseas for the completion of the project to make George W. Bush the next president of the United States. The second email said that trainees (clients) from Straight and other affiliates would be transported to Bay Point or to Louisiana, Georgia or California after the General Election to continue the project in newer and bolder avenues for further elections in the upcoming millennium.
    State Representative Tom Feeney- three emails opened-six more remained unopened. The first email stated that Katherine Harris and Theresa Lepore were in discussion of designing a ballot that would create havoc in Palm Beach County. It main purpose was to act as a diversion while the operation from Bay Point and the work from other programmers in California and Florida would take place from computer terminals inside several SOE offices in Florida.
    The second email mentioned that Clint Curtis was one of the programmers who created a workable version with help from Bay Point notes mailed to him. (This is from 1999-Clint’s version tells everyone that he was contacted in 2000)
    The third email mentioned that Tom Feeney would be guaranteed a win in 2002 for the U.S. House of Representatives by the incoming Administration for his efforts.
    D. Theresa Lepore-Two emails opened-Six remained unopened. First email stating that she contact the Secretary of State to inform her the programming and trial tests were completed and ran at 100% with no possible way to audit the results back to the original source. The tests were run one hundred times at three different locations located in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Charlotte County.
    The second email was a confirmation letter from Teresa Lepore saying that she had contacted the Secretary of State with the good news.
    E. Governor Jeb Bush-Two emails opened. Ten unopened. First email stated that the Governor could inform the team in Texas that all trials were at 100%.
    The second was that Joseph Klock distance himself from an attorney on his Board of Directors. No name was given. (I believe it might be Roy Black)
    The only time I met Roy Black was the night of December 2nd, 2004 going over some of the information that I gave to the FBI on I believe was November 8th, 2004. The reason being that Agent Jeff Fativa had informed Al Rogers and I not to reveal any information beyond what was placed on the web-site. He and the other agent informed us that if we did reveal any other information we might be obstructing the law regarding the ongoing investigation and face possible arrest.
    2000- shown scanned e-mails from Joseph Klock and Karen Hughes, Joseph Klock and Katherine Harris, Joseph Klock and Michael Bilarikis and Joseph Klock and Connie Mack.
    Karen Hughes-verified email stating the final results would have her candidate with a one thousand to two thousand vote lead insuring Florida went to the GOP. (May, June or July)
    Michael Bilarikis-shown email that Mel Sembler was funding him not just for his political career but to arrange a channel of communication between Bay Point and the Secretary of State for Florida, Katherine Harris on November 2nd, 2000.
    Connie Mack-One e-mail opened-Three remained unopened. Confirmation of payment from Mel Sembler to the Congressman for services rendered to Michael Bilarakis and Katherine Harris for channeling funds from overseas toward the project in California and Florida.
    2001- showed scanned e-mails from Joseph Klock, Linda Fisher and Lawrence Lindsey and informed of an Intranet communication between Klock and one of the programmers.
    Scanned e-mail from Joseph Klock that was cc: Italian Ambassador Mel Sembler, United Kingdom Minister for E-commerce and Competitiveness Douglas Alexander and Porter Goss.
    This e-mail mentioned that CitiBank and Banco Sao Paulo didn’t received the scheduled transaction from Monsanto and questioned the specific Intranet communiqué regarding the validity of intelligence from J.G. Roche.
    The possibilities of channeling funds through e-commerce were being reviewed in the United Kingdom and Italy upon the success of the 2002 Florida General Election.
    Email received from Douglas Alexander to Porter Goss and Joseph Klock stating that monies
    transferred from Beijing to Zurich to J.M. and C. Group. (I have to thank Ken Martin of Bermuda Dunes, California for last summer while cooking on the barbecue we were talking about politics and he brought up the subject of the Carlyle Group and James Baker. I then solved the riddle of the group and have come up with the possibility that J.M. might be the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major)
    2002- shown scanned e-mail from Joseph Klock to Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist,
    E-mail dated after the 2002 Florida Democratic Primary (Mid to late September) stating that the felons’ procedure was a success in the election of Bill McBride over Janet Reno and Darryl Jones.
    2003- shown scanned e-mail from Joseph Klock to Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Porter Goss.
    E-mail dated August 7th or 8th, 2003 stating that procedures were going as planned in the nations capitol and there would be no repeat of legal battles for the upcoming 2004 election.
    Re-election was guaranteed and Porter would be taking a new position in the administration.
    2004- shown scanned e-mail from Joseph Klock to Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist cc: H. Ahmanson and Mel Sembler.
    Email stated that additional funds would be redirected through the Chalcedon Institute for Kerry Martin and Todd Urosevich. July 20, 2004
    shown scanned letter from Joseph Klock to H. Ahmanson cc: Jonathan Waters
    additional funding needed for wireless network in Ohio and North Carolina
    CC: Mobile Data Solutions, Inc July 20, 2004
    Shown scanned copies of a letter that stated funds would be allocated to South Dakota,
    Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa for payment of intermittent electrical problems to occur at specified voting precincts. The addresses were blacked out. Sean told me he might be able to locate the addresses on the server when he is at the school again. (see Key College)
    Information obtained at Key College in August of 2004
    The addresses that this letter was mailed to was located on a three computer terminals
    In August at Key College from an account that Dr. Piotr Blass was using to create 5th dimensional magic square art from. The addresses were in the signature file.
    2 Addiscombe Road Talcahuano 650 Rm 1212, 12/F, Tower E3, Oriental Plaza
    Croydon 1013 Buenos Aires No. 1, East Chang An Ave.,
    CR9 5AF Argentina Dong Cheng District
    England Beijing, China 100738
    Discovered an email from Dr. Cole to Piotr that was talking about a termination notice of an investigator for the Florida Department of Transportation scheduled to take place on June 29, 2003. Funds would be provided by Mr. Baker and picked up at a mail drop in Miami. Piotr was to schedule one of his students to do an errand by driving to the following address and pick up the package. The address was P.O. Box 611374, Miami, FL. Dated June 26 2003.
    Another email was relating to Michael Wynne dated October 30, 2003. The email mentioned the distribution of hardware in predominately African American precincts throughout the state of North Carolina.
    The email stated that further instructions would be mailed from the California project out of Santa Cruz. The letter would be mailed from 1575 Soquel Dr.
    Email from Dr. Cole to Piotr Blass, Sean S Lennon and cc: Southeastern Legal Foundation
    Additional funding secured for UniLect ’s Project Youngstown to commence testing random computer shutdown for precinct evaluation. March 30, 2004
    Email listing project “Operation Protest” Garry Malphrus –Matt Schlapp-Tom Pyle-Layna McConkey-Kevin Smith
    Dated November 10th 2000. Email from Dr.Cole to Chuck Royal. Cc: Piotr Blass, Sid Bernstein
    Email from Dr. Piotr Blass to RMS at Southeastern Legal Foundation thanking them for funding his Zeozync project. The second part of the letter was directed and I am quoting the text. “Congratulation on working with AIPAC, defending Israel and funding the efforts to oust Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney” Dated: April 1, 2002
    Information obtained at Kaiser College in October of 2004
    Location Southern Blvd. West Palm Beach
    I was helping Dr. Piotr Blass teach a class on 5th dimensional mathematics when he received a phone call (cell) from Sean Lennon. Why I remember this is because Piotr never gets angry and he started to scream at Sean on the phone in front of the students. He started yelling at Sean and told him that the sixth fractal was perfected and the programming was flawless. He said the people in Charlotte and Santa Clara have spent enough time and money. Get the code to work for Project Youngstown or else. When he realized that I had heard him, Piotr told me that he was just overwrought because David wasn’t free yet.
    Twenty that I will protect
    Jennifer Lynn Ellis (Fundraiser for Al Sharpton ,Public Relations for Robert Trent Jones Jr. Phil Spector’s Ex- Fiancée) (Threat on the phone for her was they would rape, slice and burn her face)
    Al Rogers (Third campaign manager) (Threat-Car accident)
    Ellen Brodsky (Broward County Election Activist-Election Protection) (Threat-Car accident)
    Susan Van Houghten ( Palm Beach Voter Coalition) (Threat-Fire)
    Bill Faulkner (Verified Voting) (Threat-Death)
    David Dill (Verified Voting) (Threat-Death)
    Benjamin Roth (Campaign staff) (Threat-fire)
    Jamie Irene Fisher (Daughter) (Threat-Rape)
    Diane Smith (campaign staff) (Threat-Rape)
    Dr. Patrick Brennan (Okeechobee DEC President) Threat-(Boating accident)
    Reverend William Shelton (Ft. Pierce) man who converted me from Judaism to a Southern Baptist (Threat-Burn his church)
    Rose Jean Swords (Cousin)-Rape
    Chris Petley Florida Democratic Party employee (Tallahassee) (broken bones)
    Joseph T. Brink Husband to Nancy Pena Brink-She helped me get my campaign going in 2003 (broken
    Adina Serell Her husband Bruce and I observed faulty election tests at Theresa Lepore’s main office
    (Threat Rape)
    Ashley Diaz Daughter to Ladd and Mercedes Diaz-(Kidnapping)
    Mitch Caesar Broward County DEC Chairman (Threat accident)
    Marc Benedetti Friend-Haverhill, Ma-Threat-(We will shoot him in the head)
    Pat Nash Friend-(Works in Vermont helping Bernie Sanders Campaign) (Threat-Rape)
    Bill McBride Friend and first endorsement-(car accident)
    Greta Berlin Friend who defends Palestinian rights –We will terminate her by blowing her up.
    Emmie Ross Emme was my first campaign manager-(Threat-Rape)
    I kept this quiet to keep me safe. I let the world know it was twenty, not twenty-two.
    For the great citizens of America some more reasons for why I defend human life and Al Gore.
    Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter worked with Jeff Fisher Jackie Anne Watkins 2007-01-02 1:13 PM
    Jeff Fisher Logomotives Jeff Fisher 2006-12-22 6:22 AM
    Attention of WWWQ – FM Radio and Program Director Jeff Fisher 2006-12-12 1:55 PM
    Rrepare to Jam and Rock the New Year!!! (text/plain)
    hello Jeff Fisher 2006-12-09 11:26 AM
    Email for White Haven Direct Jeff Fisher 2006-12-01 12:51 PM
    Posting online because I am unable to email this letter due to INternet interference. See Letter to understand then post everywhere. (text/plain)
    You thought you had troubles -Read this!!!!! Jeff Fisher 2006-11-27 10:15 AM
    Lets talk about the INS Jeff Fisher 2006-11-27 10:01 AM
    Common Ground-Life Always Jeff Fisher 2006-11-27 9:55 AM
    Here is some information to Digest Jeff Fisher 2006-11-27 9:36 AM
    First Amendment Rights Violated Jeff Fisher 2006-11-27 8:42 AM
    Why the Press is afraid of my Court Case Jeff Fisher & Jack Lancaster 2006-11-25 2:54 PM
    Today America entered a new age. An age of wonderous discoveries. An age for Peace All due to an interview on a small unknow radio station in Florida. (text/plain + 5 comments)
    The interview of Jeff Fisher and Ben Roth Robert Klein 2006-11-25 12:30 PM
    I was amazed that this got on the air. Bravo Mr. Fisher and Mr. Roth (text/plain + 1 comment)
    Identity theft, Fraud, and worldwide Racketeering. Jeff Fisher 2006-11-22 5:40 AM
    The Truth Shall Prevail for Christ always Protects Me Reposted due to error in Title, email address and zipcode. I am very tired trying to save America from the computer room where my father lives in Buckhead, Atlanta. I just wish he would wake up and find out I have been here for almost two days waiting for him so I can tell him I love him. (text/plain + 1 comment)
    God is My Guide Jeff Fisher 2006-11-14 9:32 AM
    Jeff Fisher Jeff Fisher 2006-10-06 4:44 AM
    A letter to Brad Friedman proving he is not about reporting the entire truth (text/plain + 13 comments)
    Fixing Jeff Fisher 2006-09-06 11:45 PM
    A New kind of Leadership Jeff Fisher 2006-09-06 11:43 PM
    The Legacy of Ron Brown lives in his son Michael Brown Jeff Fisher 2006-09-06 11:43 PM
    The trial of Jff Fisher vs George W Bush (image/jpeg + 1 comment)
    New Leadership for America Jeff Fisher 2006-09-06 11:36 PM
    The added comments is done by people who a re trying to discredit me.
    I don’t gamble.
    Division 5 Go Away Jeff Fisher 2006-08-18 7:56 AM
    You are a sick human being Jeff Fisher 2006-08-15 6:03 PM
    To late I already sent the truth to Al Jezeera Jeff Fisher 2006-08-15 8:39 AM
    I am writing from the National Press Club Jeff Fisher 2006-08-15 6:36 AM
    Division 5 I have GOD Jeff Fisher 2006-08-14 6:55 PM
    Again you can see what people will do to stop the truth. Its very sick and perverse.
    My email account is not working Jeff Fisher 2006-08-14 8:34 AM
    Thank God for Intel because the media has no integrity anymore Jeff Fisher posting an email from Intel 2006-08-13 7:14 PM
    Grieving Mothers World Wide Jeff Fisher posting an email from Intel 2006-08-13 7:14 PM
    PeacePlan Jeff Fisher posting an email from Intel 2006-08-13 7:14 PM
    The first photo was Isreali children practicing hate. This photo is death to the innocent Jeff Fisher posting an email from Intel 2006-08-13 7:14 PM
    Letter to Washington Post and Washington Times
    Ending Israel’s and AIPAC’s Control of our Elections
    Atlanta Journal Cover Up
    We the People are taking back our Democracy
    Tortured American Patriot by the Mossad
    Unraveling the 2000 Election Conspiracy and its connection to 9-11
    Letter to John Conyers and [email protected]
    The Truth is revealed on Indy Media
    Clint Curtis (Deception) v Jeff Fisher (Truth)
    The Truth shall Prevail to Protect the Children
    The Rape of America
    Visiting Congressman Grijalva
    Letter to Alex Jones of
    Treason in America
    Personal note hand delivered to LA Times
    2000 Election Evidence & the LA Times
    2000 Election Evidence Proving Conspiracy
    Some articles posted in Arkansas
    Re: The Jeff Fisher Files
    Many articles were taken off the indymedia arkansa site therefor I am incuding that link so you can see for yourself how much our first amendment rights have been removed from Americans (ALL AMERICANS)
    The Jeff Fisher Files
    Israel Plans on Killing our Children worse than Hitler did
    The Legacy of Ron Brown lives in his son Michael Brown
    BREAKING: Bush, Hillary and Obama on an Oil Carousel. Where’s the Money!
    by Tom Heneghan Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006 at 12:03 AM
    by Tom Heneghan Saturday, Nov. 04, 2006 at 4:04 PM
    Rahm Emanuel heads North American Mossad + PROMIS + laundered profits to Israel/Russian
    FRANKLIN GRAND JURY INQUIRY:Weldon,Hastert,Rahm Immanuel,AmericanTurkish Counsel,Kissinger
    Back Breaking News: Special Emergency Political Alert
    UPDATE ON BREAKING INTEL: 9/11 Now Exposed
    HOT INTEL: 9/11 Now Exposed
    It Gets Really Worse
    HOT INTEL Frist and Lieberman: Two Rotten Scumbags
    The Truth Shall Prevail and Peace will be attained in the Middle East due to a Peace Plan written in 2003

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