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July 17, 2007

John Has A Dream


With John Edwards in New Orleans again for an extended trip, the NYT hits him pretty hard.  The Caucus (which ran the photo above) seems to wonder why John isn’t interested in discussing political corruption, or anything else but poverty.  And yesterday’s news piece is about the most blatant yet in intimating that Edwards is purely exploiting the poverty issue.

I’m interested in your thoughts on this pic, and the shot accompanying the news story.

In the latter, Edwards blazes ahead in a kind of visionary pose.  On the other hand, he seems as much detached and “overly leading,” disengaged from his wife and the two local organizers.  …And don’t we again see Elizabeth outshining John in the capacity to connect with others?

Politically, I read the King-op as either naive or a little desperate. Did Team Edwards consider they were inviting a presumptuous comparison?  The fact the editors specifically chose a shot of an exasperated/annoyed-looking John, however (with his hands specifically mirroring the more reflective King’s) feels like beating him over the head with the juxtaposition.

(image: Lee Celano for The New York Times.  July 15, 2007.  New Orleans, La.

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